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Alrighty then, I got no response whatsoever when I posted in the ponythread itself, maybe I'll get a little more feedback here.

@DD: You're first few attempts are looking good! May I ask, though, if you are using guidelines/stick figures to draw? It really helps, especially when positioning the eyes, which you mentioned having trouble with. You'll notice below, of course, that I didn't follow my own advice too well, hence why I'm mentioning it now.

Anywho, here's a sketch I did for a halloween costume contest thingy. Twilight, Derpy and Carrot Top as the Spanish Equestrian Inquisition from Monty Python:


And the inked/coloured version:

My thoughts on these: First up, I had to make quite a few edits when inking. Twilight's face was completely messed up, mostly because the far side of her face was sticking out too much. Derpy's eyes were too big and I forgot her ears too. I also had to redo Carrot Top's headgear (It was just a hat at first, but on rewatching the sketch, it should've been a hood). CT's muzzle also looks a little off to me.

My biggest mistake though? Being lazy with the legs. I didn't do a full stick figure pose underneath (just did it roughly) and I payed for it with misproportioned, mispositioned limbs (especially on Twilight. Look at those back legs. Ugh).

Still I'm happy with it.

My advice to anyone who wants to draw ponies? References. Everywhere. All the time.
Aaaah! I totally meant to comment on this in the thread! Forgive me for being a derp, and I will comment on it now.

So, Deadly had a good point about lines I think, if you're going for show accuracy. Also, you're right that references are important; I think for legs and wings, they're doubly so, at least until you've drawn quite a few of them!

That said, I do really like this picture; it's a fun crossover and Derpy as an Inquisitor makes me smile.

Re: guide lines - Yeah, I learned that lesson after drawing Twilight and Pinkie...I did use them on RD's head though, and it definitely made me feel more confident about eye placement and size. I totally encourage everyone to use them in the roughing out stage!

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Here's a sketch of AJ as a human I did a while back. I was doodling the mane 6 as humans, trying a new style, and was really happy with how AJ turned out. Fluttershy and RD were OK too, but needed more work. The rest were... not great.

Maybe some day I'll take another stab at the rest of them, but for now...


You know, I'm not really a fan of AJ, but here she kinda looks cool
I like the hair on this one, it really seems to fit AJ. The chibi style is also fun; I've been thinking that in the future I want to branch out into drawing more general cartoon/anime-style art. Do you have any suggestions for cartoon-specific styles, since there seems to be a huge array of possibilities?

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Here's a few things I've worked on recently. a little hard to see, since I took the picture with my phone. They're not ponies (No, that comes next alongside my story)! but just drawing attempts.

Swingset at my local park:


Ha-ha! I am hidden behind my goggles!

So far as I can tell, it's really making shadows that I suck at (Well, my Depth perception, perspective, coloring, and attention span [so as to insure I work longer than an hour] really need some work too, but)!
I also hate how I drew my teeth -_-** they look nothing like that (Not really, I don't think... I don't know! I don't study them daily! ) the beard looks a little off, but I'm serious when I say that's how it looked at the time!
The swing set looks very nice! I think you got the perspective on it spot on. There are some things in the background that could be tweaked a bit to give the whole picture a more unified sense of perspective though, as it looks a bit skewed overall, but that could just be my eyes...Also, I commend you for posting something non-pony! I want to remind everyone that they're free to post whatever they like here (so long as it's board appropriate, of course).

I really like the self portrait as well. There's something in the face and goggles that makes it seem very expressive. Also the beard is quite well-done! I don't know much about shading and depth when it comes to drawing from life, so I don't know that I can help you there, except to encourage you to keep practicing

I will say in regard to time that there is a noticeable difference in quality between something you work at for an hour and something you work at for two hours, but I understand the attention span issue. My advice would be to do things in stages - rough in first, then walk away, then come back and add details, then chat for a while, then go back and refine, etc... You don't have to finish in a single drawing session, or even a single day.

Also, everyone please feel free to post works in progress here as well! That way, we might be able to offer advice as things come together, and you won't have to feel like you MUST FINISH TONIGHT OR ELSE!

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Hmm... This looks like an awesome idea. Not that I'd ever actually join in; every time I've ever attempted artwork, it has always ended in fire and tree sap. To be honest, I'm already intimidated by the quality of the work posted so far.
No, no! Don't think that way! The thread isn't about being the best, or even being good; it's about learning. Even if you post stick figures or stick ponies, you'll learn something about posing and roughing out a sketch, and that's a valuable step toward more complicated things!

The only person that can keep you from being good at drawing is you! We're all just here to encourage you and provide another set of eyes and experiences to help guide you toward improvement! So don't believe the Lie - you can draw, if only you'll put your mind to it!