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@DH: not bad. =) I don't really know what to say as a critique, so I'll stick with It's better than I could do right now.
Thanks very much! Yeah, sometimes it's hard to give a critique. Especially when we're all still learning.

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A few thoughts to go along with my own post:

I'm not sure how show-accurate you're shooting for, but making the strokes a darker color than the fill, rather than pure black is a relatively small thing you could do to get there. The show also uses thicker strokes. If you're trying to go for your own unique style, just disregard that :)

Twilight's leg, the one she's holding up looks like it might have too many joints or is just a little too long. It looks a little like she's wearing sleeves or socks which are too long.

Don't know what else I can offer. Looks pretty good.
Re: Show accuracy. For this one I was mostly going for a quick colouring, nothing fancy. I agree that the lines could stand to be a little thicker, but one thing I've noticed is that the line width on the show is not uniform. It widens and thickens depending on which parts are being drawn, and right now I have no idea how to replicate that using computer programs.

Re: The leg. Ah yeah, I can see that now. Didn't really notice before, but it does look too long now. Again, skipping on the framework was not a good idea.

Thanks very much ^^

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NOBODY EXPECT THE EQUESTRIAN INQUISITION! Love it, mate! Legs, well, like you said. I'm no art expert, so, I really just want to make sure I say something about other art first before I expect any for mine.

How did you color it? Did you use a computer program, or...?
I used Flash CS5.5 for the colouring. I find that doing the lines there is easier than using Photoshop. I've heard good things about Inkscape, but I've never really had a chance to use it.

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I really like that picture, Diego. It's nice. I hope learn how to talk about this stuff more intelligently later.
Thanks very much ^^

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Aaaah! I totally meant to comment on this in the thread! Forgive me for being a derp, and I will comment on it now.

So, Deadly had a good point about lines I think, if you're going for show accuracy. Also, you're right that references are important; I think for legs and wings, they're doubly so, at least until you've drawn quite a few of them!

That said, I do really like this picture; it's a fun crossover and Derpy as an Inquisitor makes me smile.

Re: guide lines - Yeah, I learned that lesson after drawing Twilight and Pinkie...I did use them on RD's head though, and it definitely made me feel more confident about eye placement and size. I totally encourage everyone to use them in the roughing out stage!
It's okay, I know that things can get lost in ponythread, though I did post during a slow time. Still, no biggie.

Yeah, I've tried drawing wings. Good grief! This is something I did ages ago, completely in Flash. It looks good, but it took me ages. Oh, and do you know how hard it is to draw a pony sitting down? From the front!?

But yeah, references and guidelines are a big help. I had at least 4-5 references up for doing the above picture. When I get a chance I'll post the sketches I did while trying to get the wings right, maybe it will help others.

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Here's a few things I've worked on recently. a little hard to see, since I took the picture with my phone. They're not ponies (No, that comes next alongside my story)! but just drawing attempts.

Swingset at my local park:


Ha-ha! I am hidden behind my goggles!

So far as I can tell, it's really making shadows that I suck at (Well, my Depth perception, perspective, coloring, and attention span [so as to insure I work longer than an hour] really need some work too, but)!
I also hate how I drew my teeth -_-** they look nothing like that (Not really, I don't think... I don't know! I don't study them daily! ) the beard looks a little off, but I'm serious when I say that's how it looked at the time!
These are looking good to me! I can't critique too much as I am rubbish at realistic images (I have no desire to draw them. Real life is not interesting :P inb4 "life drawing classes are essential") If you're worried about depth and perspective though, try drawing out vanishing point lines. I can't really explain too well myself so here's a guide I found after googling: http://www.wikihow.com/Draw-Perspective

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Hmm... This looks like an awesome idea. Not that I'd ever actually join in; every time I've ever attempted artwork, it has always ended in fire and tree sap. To be honest, I'm already intimidated by the quality of the work posted so far.
I've been beaten to it, but it bears repeating: The point of this topic is to learn how to draw. Together. You can always do better. If it's one thing I can say it's that no one here will laugh at you or deride you. We want to help you.

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I'm trying to draw a lineup of the main cast, for a larger scene with original characters, but unlike OCs, these present a problem, in that they have an established look, which I have to replicate.

I'd like some pointers here, maybe some traits or features I've missed, or things I drew wrong. Don't pay attention to the sketchiness, this is just a sketch before proper drawing. Pointers on wrong anatomy would also be useful, because for me at least, wings seem to be the new hands, and ponies in general are still a rather new item.
It's looking good. I think someone made a point about them looking a little thicker, and yes that shows. Spike looks rather muscular, I must say :^^. The perspective is good, though Twi looks a little bit taller than the rest.