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What program do you use? I'm only familiar with Inkscape, but the principle should be the same: You make two shapes with no actual strokes, one the color of the outline and one the color of the fill, then you stack the fill-shape above the outline-shape so that only the actual outline is visible behind it. That way you can make the outline whatever crazy, uneven shape you wish.

At least, that's how I've ended up doing it.

Hope my explanation makes sense.
Um... sorta? ^-^: You mean, instead of using the built-in lines, copy the fill and expand it? Seems awfully fiddly.

Using Flash CS5.5.

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Definitely post the wing sketches! They are decidedly hard to draw, and so I think all the collective knowledge we can muster for them will be important!
I'll try and get them for tomorrow when I can use my parents' scanner. The key thing I noted was that when stretched out the tips of the feathers make a sort of semi-circle shape. It helps to get the lengths right. You'll see what I mean.