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I'm mostly interested in learning how to draw people right now, so I made a list of musicians I like to give me something focused to work on. (I haven't decided whether I'll just keep adding names to the list or restart it once I've hit the end.) Unfortunately the only camera I have in the house is, as the kids would say, teh suck, so I'll scan it sometime later this week and hopefully it will come out better then.

Drawing one:

Based on:

The list:
Niels-Henning Řrsted Pedersen

Imogen Heap
Dusty Springfield
Neko Case
Agustin Barrios
Alexander James Adams
Tosin Abasi
Miles Davis
Brent Hinds
Billie Holiday
Django Reinhardt
Chuck Schuldiner
Ingrid Michaelson
Joe Pass
Venetian Snares
Sun Ra
Michel Petrucciani
Natacha Atlas
Sarah Blasko
Jacqueline du Pré
It's very neat to see the finished product! I've been waiting for this!

A couple of things I notice in looking at it - one is that his head seems more bent toward the bass (it is a bass, yes?) in the photo. I don't know if you did, but I'd suggest that when you're getting started, try and draw some lines to show where the midline of the body and head are going to be later on, to help establish their relative positions. Second is that his hand looks small compared to the rest of his body - I'm not sure what the best fix would be, but I'd suggest that once you have a rough set of lines to define the pose, try and find a largish section of the subject to use as an anchor and start filling in the details from there outward. It'll help with relative sizes and perspective as things come together, I think. On ponies, I personally used their giant melon heads, or else the most dynamic part of the pose...

Overall, I gotta say that this was quite good, and you're way braver than me for starting with human subjects! They have so many fiddly little details to keep track of! I'm looking forward to the rest of your series