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    Quote Originally Posted by Kindablue View Post
    I'm mostly interested in learning how to draw people right now, so I made a list of musicians I like to give me something focused to work on. (I haven't decided whether I'll just keep adding names to the list or restart it once I've hit the end.) Unfortunately the only camera I have in the house is, as the kids would say, teh suck, so I'll scan it sometime later this week and hopefully it will come out better then.

    Drawing one:

    Based on:
    Now that's a challenging list! Good luck with the series.

    The big nitpick with this one is the upper part of the nose. It curves in too much, which makes both his forehead and nose seem like they're protruding way too much. It's a pity, because it's a good looking nose, it's just not quite the nose that fits with the rest of the picture.

    The other thing to work on is where the lighting falls on the face. Shading faces is tricky, but I'm noticing that getting the shading right is a major step to good pictures. Draw very light pencil boxes on the face in the areas that should be shaded, and then colour them in. Follow the lines of bones and natural curves. It adds a lot.

    Quote Originally Posted by Noctemwolf View Post
    Well, I could link the original picture:


    I couldn't see my hair, so I just drew it in shadow. I also just blocked the shadows together instead of trying for subtle shadow changes (Not very good at that). 0-0* I know that's something i need to work on. definitely. And the head is probably a little long too...

    Thank you for the criticism! =D
    Yeah, I see why that would be your response to that picture, but thing is that photo is rather poor quality, and by trying to accurately copy a blurry photograph you're destined to get a blurry drawing!

    My recommend with this is draw the head in it's entirety first and then add the shading. However, I'm generally behind on my pencil sketching and can't offer much advice as to actual shading techniques. Try looking at actual art books.

    Also remember that running your thumb over pencil sketches smudges the lines and makes much softer shadows. I also don't see any hint of a skeleton there - you'll notice that people draw a circle with a cross through it when they're drawing heads and, honest to goodness, they do it for a reason.
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