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    Welcome to the Seraphi HomebrewTM page! Please, feel free to look around, and don't hesitate to PM me if you want to make a request! PEACH is always appreciated, and if you don't want to be a thread necromancer, just PM me any critique or feedback you'd like me to hear! I always appreciate it when someone tells me about one of my classes, so please don't be a lurker!

    The Librarian
    The Sandshaper
    The Super Saiyan
    Fangs of the Hawk
    The Temptress
    The Werellama
    The Spirit Blade
    The Ruler of the Way
    The Darkstalker
    The Archmage
    The Ghoul Template
    Squall Leonhart's Gunblade
    The Alternate Psion

    Game/Anime Inspired Classes (Base):
    The Scout (Team Fortress 2)
    The Tortured Soul (Soul Eater)

    Media-Inspired Classes (Prestige):
    Viewtiful Hero (Viewtiful Joe)
    The True Hero (BlazBlue)
    The Slowknife (Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure)
    The Dark Hero (Disgaea)
    The Destroyer (BlazBlue)
    The Ovis Cantus (The World Ends with You)
    The Dumuzid (Catherine)
    The Karate Kid (The Karate Kid)

    Media-Inspired Feats:
    Be a Man Feats (Mulan)
    Evoker Feats (Persona 3)
    Charge of the Minotaur (Looking for Group)
    Ultima Arrow (Final Fantasy XIII-2
    Legacy Edge (BlazBlue)
    The Power of Order (BlazBlue)
    Fallen Angel's Descent (Digimon Frontier)
    All-Out Attack (Persona 3)
    Paradigm Feats (Final Fantasy XIII)
    Cold Blood (Final Fantasy XIII)
    Incredible Stage Presence (Pokemon Anime)
    Good-Bye Shot (Persona 4 Ultimate)

    Media-Inspired Spells:
    Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5)
    Persona 4 Spells

    Media-Inspired Races:
    Faction Human Sub-Races (Divergent, Veronica Roth)

    "Fixes" (Base):
    All-In-One, the Fighter Fix
    Two-Weapon Fighting
    Mounted Combat
    Shield Fighting
    Gish (Melee Wizards)
    Unarmed Combat
    One Weapon Fighting/Rogue fix

    "Fixes" (Prestige):
    Enchantment Magic
    Spiked Chain Specialist
    Stunning Fist
    Warlock Fix Prestige
    Bear Warrior
    Deepstone Sentinel
    The True Necromancer

    "Fixes" (Domains):
    The War Domain

    Playable Giant
    Playable Giant (Pathfinder)
    Playable Dragon
    Weakened Humans
    Combat Gnomes
    Playable Vampires
    Shadow Gnomes

    Unique Homebrew (Base Classes):
    The Conductor Bard
    The Judge
    The Justicar
    The Hell Rager
    The Abyss Striker
    The Swiftblade
    The Rogue Djinn (Monster Class)
    The Corrupting Blade
    The Paladin of Disorder
    The Squire
    The Knight
    The Fanatic
    The Samurai
    The Swift Ambusher
    The Burning Blade
    The Assassin

    Unique Homebrew (Prestige Classes):
    The Supernal Destroyer
    The Sword of Heaven
    The Sword of Hell
    The Charlatan
    The Vitalist
    The Summoner
    The Feral Sword, a Barbarian/TOB hybrid
    The Lifedrinker
    The Villain
    The Cyst Lord
    The Racist
    The Pyromaniac
    The True Archmage
    The Weapon Master
    The Hunter
    The Ascetic
    The Amplifier
    The Jungle Rager
    The Beholder Mage - Warning: This class WILL break games
    The Sling Master
    The Zhentarim Brute
    The Fiery Musician
    The Master of the Black Blade

    Unique Homebrew (Specialist Wizard Prestige Classes):
    The Observer

    Epic Baleful Polymorph
    Break the Bond (Sorc/Wiz spell)
    Energy Volley
    Noxious Form
    Ability Damage Spells
    Reckless Toss (Setting Sun Stance
    Paladin Spells
    New Electricity/Sonic Spells
    Drown in Power
    Energy Drain
    Duskblade Spells
    Eidolon Transformation (Pathfinder)

    Specialist Wizard Spells
    Illusionist - The True Self
    Transmuter - The Curse of the Full Moon
    Diviner - Complete Analysis
    Abjurer - Absolute Defense
    Necromancer - Cycle of Undeath
    Evoker - Destructive Energy Storm
    Enchanter - Formidable Warrior
    Conjurer - Obedient Servant

    Righteous Fury (Feat)
    Pure-Hearted Soul (Feat)
    Greater Ability Focus
    Meta-Sneak Attack Feats
    Rage Feats
    Two-Weapon Fighting
    Strengthen Enchantment
    Improved Power Attack feats
    Angel Feats
    Mystic Rage
    Crusader Feats
    Master of the Minotaur Feats
    Fire Feats
    Protection from Magic
    Critical Feats
    Metabreath Feats
    Power Shooting (Strength-Based Archery)
    Weapon Devotion

    The Negative Energy Domain
    The Blaster Domain
    The Alchemy Domain
    The Lycanthropy Domain
    The Domination Domain
    The Direct Damage Domain

    Martial Disciplines
    Bloody Hammer

    Celestial Sword-Paladin ACF
    Titan Mauler Archetype, Expanded
    The Brawler, a Fighter Archetype

    Official Houserules
    Alternative Metamagic Rules

    Humorous Classes (I'm funny, I swear!):
    The Common Hero
    The Bear Master
    The Bro

    Humorous Spells
    Empower Bear
    Sexy Telepathy
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