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Anyone feel like helping me? I'm currently making an animation/trailer for this Fanfic set to this music.
Although it's probably by no means good, I'd say it isn't going too badly either.

However, I've now hit my third major hurdle. I don't have any experience drawing ponies, and I don't want every scene to look like it's been traced from Ponygenerator.

A convenient place to start would be how to show a pony looking straight at the screen in shock and despair.

It's kinda hard to explain the exact shot i'm making, so here's a Gif thrown together entirely at the last minute at great expense:

So, Are you a bad enough dude to help monkeyboyinc draw ponies?
I'll post up a bunch of tutorials when I get home, but here's the basics for front on ponies:

The eyes are really big and start really low, and reach up right to the start of the mane. Straight on ponies just have a single curve shape for a nose.
Pony eyes have really big pupils, smallish irises, and between two and four white circles. Remember that the colour of the whites of the eyes is never pure white! The Irises also change colours multiple times too!
Mouths are quite small

Reference image: