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Thanks Thanqol! Some of that is really useful. Other parts, not so useful. But it's totally my fault, not yours. I really didn't explain enough before. I'm going for a kinda Andrew Hussie But not as pixely style. This flash animation should show you what I mean without spoiling anything major in the story. I don't really care about colour as much as I care about shading. In fact, I'm deliberately trying to make the first half of my animation as red and dull as possible.

So I should have probably asked about how to shade a pony.
Anyway, I'm tired. Don't blame me if none of that above post makes sense. Good night everyone!
Only example I have for front-on shading offhoof is this


As to how to do it, that depends a lot on what program you're using and what tools you have access to. I still haven't figured it out myself, though I feel like I'm onto something with the airbrush.