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I'm really glad you made this thread. I never would've started something like this alone.
I'm glad to see so much participation! It's really a wonderful thing to see everyone contributing and helping each other.

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If you use sharp lines for shading then it looks like hair. Try a softer/lighter/smudgedier pencil.

Oh yeah, on that topic, everyone should have at least a H, 2B, 4B and 6B pencil for pencil drawing. The difference a range of tools makes over a common HB pencil is astounding.

Faces are really tricky in general, so especially in the early days, cheat. Draw lots and lots of construction lines. Sketch out your proportions clearly before you draw the picture. Draw bald people to get an idea for just how big the skull is. You're not going to be making great-looking pictures on your first try, so feel completely free to do basic parts in isolation - just practising eyes, or noses, or mouths - if it helps you get a better idea of how to do it.
My present to myself today was a set of sketching pencils

Also, heed this man's advice on construction lines! They will save your flanks!