Ponythread Community Draw-thingy GO!

So while intently listening to Discords story time in the IRC, I had an image pop into my head.

Going off from what was described from the scene during the RP, There is Discord sitting in a overly fluffy chair with Phantom Fox cuddled in a ball on his lap. Here's the list of the ponies who were there: KindaBlue, SiuiS, Dirtbag, PhantomFox, Braz, Shadowy, Jade aurora, Midnight, Princess Luna, Beeskee, Flashpoint, Leo, Neoseanster (Inkblot).

I removed my rough draft cause it was too big. (3000x4000 pixels too big. Dumb Camera.) So let's just play off the imagination of everypony who wants to contribute.

This is a group project as somepony suggested, so if everypony could give their two cents and yes, /your/ two cents is valued just as much as any other pony.

With that, the ponies mentioned above are the ones who were also in during Story Time, I'd like everypony who was there to put up their OC information so that the artists can create a mental image and start working on it.

So, if all the other ponies agree, you can add your OC information and/or picture to be added in.

As for ponies who may want to be added, also post your OC information or a picture so you can be added.

All the ponies can work on this, so everypony should start practicing their drawing and help out!

I'm not a very good leader, also I'm busy, so I'm just posting the idea, some other pony will have to take over from here.

More RP stuff: Jade, Midnight, Luna, Braz, and SiuiS were together. The first two were constantly flirting fooling around. I thought Flashpoint was a dragon so I pictured a large Silver Dragon beside/around the ponies cuddled up with them.

I'm not good at camera angles so somepony else should come up with where the shot is taken from. I thought from behind Discord but... :/

Add or remove anything you think may fit. This is just a starting point.

And have a fun learning experience everypony! :D