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Thread: Ponythread Learns to Draw! Together!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thanqol View Post
    Dirtbag, are you presenting that as a challenge for the drawthread to do in it's entirety? Or are you trying it on your own, but requesting help? I'm unclear of exactly what you're requesting or what objectives you want achieved.

    You can also resize photographs via Imageshack without much trouble.
    I can re-size via Photoshop, but my head is spinning cause I'm tired. @.@

    This is for the community to work on as a whole. I probably wont be able to help cause I'm to busy. I just saw an image in my head and thought it would be pretty cool. Somepony else had the idea of the community doing it.

    Edit: Uh, I was informed that Shadowy was trying to hide during the story, so that's another detail.
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