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    Quote Originally Posted by Draconi Redfir View Post
    what about things like walls though? Bridges, ropes, anvils and weapons could be paid in GP, but surely not walls.

    edit: What if the mime can only mime one object at any given time, he can mime a sword, but if he mimes a wall to block an incoming attack then the sword is gone, he can mine a bridge, but if he stops to mime a sandwich then the bridge vanishes beneath him.

    Ideally some mimed items (such as bridges and barriers) should also be useable by non-mimes, perhaps requiring a higher mime check DC by the mime in order to work properly.
    Good idea. For items that are larger than the mime or cost more than the gp limit, those things could be temporary, lasting only 10 minutes per level of mime. The Mime check should be higher for those things too.

    The original post contains some contradictory material as well. "You cannot mime something which is as big as or larger than you in any direction." This would rule out walls and bridges for example. However, a 8th level mime can Mime barriers like walls so this is probably just an error in the post.

    Can a Mime use his Perform (Act) with Mime? The original post has Mime checks but I wonder if these should really be Perform (Act) checks rather than a Mime skill check. Or allow the Mime to have a bonus to Mime for having a high Perform (Act) skill. I much prefer the skill check to the Class check since it didn't require the introduction of a new mechanic.

    This paragraph probably needs to be deleted as well:
    And, as all Mime objects are invisible, the effects of his spells are now invisible, and cannot be detected by any means. The effects of a spell would still be as before, like a fireball burning down a tree, but you would not see the fireball until it hit. The victim therefore suffers a penalty to any check attempting to dodge a spell equal to half the Mime’s caster level.
    You don't dodge spells, you save against them. This makes the whole paragraph irrelevant.

    To really make this a viable class, it needs to be reworked. It is an nteresting idea but profoundly flawed in execution.

    Here is how I would correct for this class (in spoiler).


    Weapon proficiency: French mimes are proficient with simple weapons but not armor and shields. They are deemed to be proficient with any mimed weapon.

    Spells per Day/Spells Known: If the character had a spellcasting class before becoming a French mime, then he gains new spells per day (and spells known, if applicable) as if he had also gained a level in whatever spellcasting class in which he could cast spells before he added the prestige class level. However, he does not gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained. If a character had more than one spellcasting class before he became a French mime, he must decide to which class he adds each level of Mime for the purpose of determining spells per day.

    However, a mime cannot speak so a mime can only cast spells with verbal components if he has the Silent Spell feat, and cannot cast spells with the Still Spell feat.

    Class skills: The class skills of a French mime are Balance, Climb, Concentration, Escape Artist, Jump, Move Silently, Open Lock, Perform (Act), Sleight of Hand, Tumble, and Use Rope.

    Mimes get 4+Int modifier skill points.

    Class Features

    Mime: A French mime can entertain audiences with his expressive pantomimes and earn a day's wages. A French mime can earn the following wages with a successful DC 10 Perform (Act) check or better.

    DC 10: Routine performance. Trying to earn money by playing in public is essentially begging. You can earn 2d10 cp/day.
    DC 15: Enjoyable performance. In a prosperous city, you can earn 2d10 sp/day.
    DC 20: Great performance. In a prosperous city, you can earn 6d10 sp/day. In time, you may be invited to join a professional troupe and may develop a regional reputation.
    DC 25: Memorable performance. In a prosperous city, you can earn 2d6 gp/day. In time, you may come to the attention of noble patrons and develop a national reputation.
    DC 30: Extraordinary performance. In a prosperous city, you can earn 6d6 gp/day. In time, you may draw attention from distant potential patrons, or even from extraplanar beings.

    By making a successful Concentration check (DC 15), the mime can bend reality to create "real" mimed objects. Once per day, a mime can create 10 gp worth of permanent items per level of Mime. The items are non-magical in nature and possess no special abilities. He can also create temporary items (weapons, animals, and barriers). These items only last for 10 minutes per level of Mime as follows:

    • At Level 1, the mime can create simple light weapons items
    • At Level 2, the mime can create simple weapons
    • At Level 3, the mime can create Fine Animals and Vermin
    • At Level 4, the mime can create Diminutive Animals and Vermin.
    • At Level 5, the mime can create martial weapons, and Small Animals and Vermin.
    • At Level 6, the mime can create Medium animals and Vermin and medium barriers, such as door.
    • At Level 7, the mime can create light exotic weapons, and Large Animals and Vermin
    • At Level 8, the mime can create light exotic weapons, Huge Animals, and Vermin, and barriers, like a wall.
    • At Level 9, the mime can create exotic weapons and Small Magical beasts.
    • At Level 10, the mime can Medium Magical Beasts, and Small and Medium Humanoids
    • At level 11, the mime can create any living creature of any size.
    • At level 12, the mime can create any non-magical item.

    There is no limit to the number of times a Mime can use Perform (Act) a day, however, he can have only one temporary creation at a time. Temporary creations simply fade into nothing when their time is up.

    Last of all, French mimes can use their Perform (Act) skill in place of Use Rope and Open Lock skill checks, if their Perform (Act) skill check is better.

    Damage Reduction: French Mimes have damage reduction that progresses as their level rises. The progression is shown in Table: The French Mime. This damage reduction effective against all weapon types except other mimed weapons. Mimed weapons deal extra damage to a Mime equal to their damage reduction.

    Spell Resistance: French mimes have spell resistance that progresses as their level rises. The progression is shown in Table: The French Mime. This spell resistance is effective against all magic, except for Lawful aligned spells, on which the spell resistance has no effect.

    Oath of Miming: In the initiation ceremony to become a French Mime, a Mime takes an Oath of Miming. He can never talk again, including laughing, crying, yelling in pain, or anything like that. All these things must be mimed silently. If he ever speaks, then he has broken his oath, and he becomes a fallen mime, commonly known as a circus freak. Circus freaks gain a -2 penalty on attack, damage and saving throw rolls, lose all Mime abilities, spell resistance, and damage reduction.

    Once a mime makes the oath, he or she acquires a painted face. This is special black and white face paint, unique to mimes. Once applied, it cannot be removed by any means other than death. Even if the French mime becomes a circus freak, his painted face remains as a mark of shame. Having a painted face gives you a -4 penalty to Disguise checks.

    In addition to having a black and white painted face, French mimes must only wear the colors black and white. A mime who disguises his painted face takes a 2 penalty to his Perform (Act) skill. A mime who wears non-approved colors takes a -2 penalty to his Sleight of Hand skill.

    A circus freak can only regain French mime status once he has repented of this sin in a process called Mime Redemption. In order to undergo redemption, the circus freak needs to seek out a master mime, one of the strongest mimes, and retrain with them. This process takes one week.

    Mime Curse (Su): At level 8, once a day, French mimes can curse a fashion accessory, like a hat, or a scarf. As long as the item is either black or white, and unfashionable, a Mime can curse it (as a bestow curse spell) by making a Perform (Act) check DC 20. Once cursed, this object will turn anyone who wears it into a mime slave. It is possible to remove the curse with a remove curse spell before it is placed on a victim.

    Once the cursed accessory is placed on the victim, the mime curse turns the victim into a mime slave (see below). Casting remove curse on the victim has no effect.

    Mime Slave: A victim of the mime curse is known as a mime slave. The victim must make a successful Will save (DC is 10 + ½ Mime’s Level + Cha modifier) or he acquires a painted face and loses all free will. The victim becomes a mute, mindless creature under the control of the French Mime who created it.

    The easiest way to return a mime slave back to normal is for the controlling French Mime to break his Oath of Miming. All mime slaves of a given French mime are then then returned to normal, with no memory of what happened. A limited wish, miracle, or wish spell can also return a mime slave back to normal.

    A French mime can only have a number of mime slaves equal to half of his level at a time.

    Master Mime: At 12th Level, a French mime becomes a master mime. and circus freaks can come to you for redemption.

    The ceremony of redemption takes one week and requires the circus freak to spend a week in silent meditation.

    However, with great power comes great responsibility, and this cannot be trusted with oath breakers. If a master mime ever breaks his oath, then when he is redeemed he loses the Master Mime ability.

    Master mimes gain a +2 Insight bonus to save against spells, spell-like and supernatural abilities that would cause them to break their oath.

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