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It's just a thought. I like giving my players options about these sorts of things. Perhaps three lists: THe 'no way in hell' list (banned completely), the 'not in your dreams' list (black list that the feats use) and the 'okay you can have it' list (th white list). That said, I specialize in feats, races and classes, so if you need help with those, I should be able to do it a bit easier than the legends thing. (Oh right, the legends...)
Yeah, that's probably a better idea than just saying no to everything. Speaking of specializing in races... I've yet to lay out the details of the races. Give me a little bit and I'll do that.

I've posted a decent deal about allomancy in the Magic thread on my forum, as well as a link to the wiki with the original concept. I'm still working on it, since it's a conversion, but I hope that you'll like what you see.
Ooooohhhhhh... I like it. Fairly bare-bones in the way of crunch, but it could go a long way. Lots of potential there. I hope you don't mind breaking away from the books canon in the interest of balance.