Just give me a Hussar, and a NavSat to guide her by...

As far as Clans go... I attended the con where they were revealed. Gawd that sucked. When we realized they've got a range advantage on us, as well as an apparent immunity to overheating (remember, they were using DHS, and we'd only heard of heat sinks... shooting two LRM15's AND 2 PPC's? That's like... instant shut-down threat to us), we changed tactics.

A few of us decided to change tactics. We had a Firestarter start a bunch of fires to block LoS, which severely nerfed their range advantage, took to the heavy woods, and forced them to come to us, rather than the other way 'round.

Then? We dogpile'd them. Two marauders, a hunchback, and a hussar can focus-fire down a Madcat pretty quickly in medium range with only a +2 terrain modifier.

We dropped a Highlander on the Dashio. Got a lucky head-shot and took it down. Of course, he got taken out by the Madcat, seeing as how he was prone and all, but it was still an accomplishment.

Man, that was an insane fight. We still got whupped, don't get me wrong, but we made 'em pay for their victory... of course, the guys at the next table down were cussin' so loud it was echoing off the walls, so they probably didn't do so well.