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Ok, it's 3025 timeline, but I'll take what I can get because the trailer that was released looks awesome.
It'll be ~3049, actually. They moved the date up. So we'll be on the precipice of DOOM riding astride Timber Wolves.
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As much as I'd like an actual campaign I have a feeling Mechwarrior 5 turned into Mechwarrior Online. We'll have to wait and see I guess.
It kinda did. It was the MechWarrior reboot that was in prepping for a while but then dropped off the map a couple years ago while they were working on figuring out dozens of little details and whatnot.
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I am so downloading this when it becomes available. We need to make a Gitp clan!
*Insert witty Clan remark here*

...No, seriously, insert one there. I'm drawing blanks.
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We dropped a Highlander on the Dashio. Got a lucky head-shot and took it down.
...Not familiar with how the play progressed through the years... were actual Highlander Burials common back then, or was it used just frequently enough in just the right situations that it's been immortalized in rulebooks since?