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    Quote Originally Posted by ShneekeyTheLost View Post
    It may not have been that common, but it's one of those things that you always remember. "Yea, there was that one team we went up against... damn Highlander dropped right on top of the Marauder..."
    My most memorable Battletech moment was failing an easy piloting skill check when I was trying to cross a river to get into better position. I did the console check, where my pilot had to avoid knocking his head into the dashboard and taking damage (a 3 or higher on 2D6), failed it with a 2. One bit of damage to the pilot, time to roll if I lose consciousness (again a 3 or higher on 2D6), failed again with a 2. I laughed so hard during the next turn when my mech was at the bottom of the river with a blacked out pilot.

    My other memorable Battletech moment was rolling a 12 on the critical hit table for the torso... getting two engine hits and a gyro hit. Three engine hits would have shut down the mech, two gyro hits would have forced the mech prone... but nope, the enemy mech was mostly fine.

    P.S. I mostly played 3050 rules, so Inner Sphere's technological disadvantage wasn't as massive. Double heat sinks, XL engines, more weapons!
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