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We'll see how they handle the Invasion. And you should note that the Sphere Mechwarriors are fairly badass themselves (because if you're going to strap guys into five meter tall machines of death, you're going to want the best in there), so it won't be like going from fighting stormtroopers to Boba Fett, it'll be more like going from dueling your rival with revolvers to dueling your rival... while he's using an assault rifle. If you kill him, you might be able to get an assault rifle of your own if you grab decent salvage. Until then, however, you'd best hope that attrition or lucky shots get him before he gets you.
Or, as I stated before. Out-smart, out-manouver, or out-crazy the other guy/s. The only problem is that the Clan are used to outsmarting and outmanouvering, and they outgun.
I remember reading that when the Clans first showed up, their tactics were so radically different, they though the Clans were aliens. Just pointing that out.

So what is everyone's favorite weapons in Battletech/Mechwarrior? Pick one close range, one medium range, one long range.

My picks-
Close: Melee or Machine Guns.
Medium: Lasers
Long: Autocannons. Banks of UAC2's I find to be highly effective and very very efficient. Not really a missile fan.