Keo Mekae

Alias: Key
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Catperson variant.
Age: unknown, appears to be in single digits.
Alignment: good.
Class/Profession: Child
Power Rating: E+
Description: About three feet tall, Keo wears a long brown cloak out of which her ears and tail protrude. A pair of beady, glowing blue eyes peer out of the cloak. The cloak is longer than she is, so her actual arms and legs are rarely seen, but she appears to be entirely wrapped in white strips of cloth, and have black fur.
Personality: Oddly innocent, since she is used to hunting and killing for food but still is uneducated about many things. Shows patience and introspection uncommon of humans her apparent age, but still has troubles with egocentrism and complex thought.
Equipment: None, really.
Abilities: Her patience can extend to superhuman levels, easily waiting for years for even small things. Can stay still--perfectly still--for hours, and uses this to ambush hunt. Amazing climber and runner; endurance is surprising for someone her apparent age. Has a perfect memory, amazing math abilities, and some tactical sense.
Backstory: will be expanded as it is revealed.