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    Fredrick Lasteur

    Alias: The Patron Saint of Justice

    Gender: Male

    Race: Lesser Deathless (Formerly Human)

    Age: Deceased

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Profession: Judge/Cleric

    Power Rating: C- Offensively, B+ Defensively

    Description: Saint Fredrick is almost impossibly tall, standing at 6'8", and built like a wall. His skin is deathly pale, alluding to his less than human nature, and most of his head and body hair has fallen out, leaving all of his skin bare. He wears rough burlap robes that reach the floor, and nothing on his feet, accoutrements of his time among the living when he swore to part from a his worldly possessions.

    Personality: Fredrick can be a very harsh man should you meet him from behind his bench, but in casual conversation he is quite genial and polite, even to those he might secretly despise. He has a force of personality behind him, and a gaze that can fell an oak.

    Equipment: Fredrick owns nothing, holding onto his vows even after they have lost all meaning to him. He exists (one can hardly say he lives) in a small building in Inside granted to him by his followers, and conducts service from there whenever there is someone in need of judging.

    Abilities: As one of a small subtype of undead, Fredrick has a host of defensive abilities unique to the Deathless. However, since he is only a "Lesser" Deathless, most of these are beyond his reach, such the near immunities to elemental magic most of them have. Even so, his skin is thick enough to deflect most arrows and small arms fire, and he heals quickly enough to regrow a limb in a matter of days. He never tires, and is resistant to most poisons that do not specifically target the undead. Since his Sainthood was down to him from the Gods rather than bestowed by an earthly church, he also retains the ability to speak and understand all languages, and is suffused with a soft white glow that is uncomfortable to the necromantic undead and summoned demons. Should such creatures get close enough to touch him, his touch is actively harmful to them, causing burns as if his flesh was composed of holy water. He is also endowed with the ability to give blessings on behalf of the gods, guiding troubled souls to peace.

    Back Story: Saint Fredrick, even when he was alive, had always entrenched his morals in his sense of justice. Though a healer by trade, he would only ever use his skills to aid those whose causes were just. This led to much hardship, being chased from town to town as he refused to help the sickly in which he could feel corruption. Starved and weatherworn, he pled to the Gods to guide him through these times, and in exchange he would never again rely upon the goods of another man. With this bargain struck, he cast off his white raiment at the next town he came to, selling it to buy food for the sick and helpless.

    Naturally he was run out for walking around naked.

    But he remained undeterred, neither wanting for food nor water, and went to the fields to fashion himself some clothes. After he had been gone for so much time that the townsfolk had dismissed him as myth, one day he returned wearing grasswoven clothes and bearing armloads of gifts and toys for the children of the very same townsfolk who had run him out on his last journey to this town. The people, heartened by his apparently forgiving nature, pled with him to see the mayor of the town and cure him of his mysterious illness. Fredrick agreed, up until the point where his foot first crossed the thresh-hold of the mayor's dwelling. And then he turned from there and trekked back out into the fields.

    The townsfolk's confusion soon turned to rage, and they followed him to his wandering home. It took many days of scouring and searching, and in their absence there was no one to care for their beloved mayor, who soon succumbed to his illness. When they had found him, he had but one thing to say, "I have renewed my vows, and I shall never have a child. I am ready."

    That night he was burned at the stake for his heresy.

    In a fortnight everyone in the town had succumb to the same plague that had taken their mayor.

    The same plague Fredrick himself was afflicted with.

    Misc.: Deathless are only created when men and women of great conviction pass on with a quest that only they can fulfill left unfinished. For Fredrick his desire to judge the actions of the living was his only driving force, but even then it was not enough to make him a true Deathless. Since his quest is so unurgent and passive, he subsists in a half-state until he finds someone so malevolent that in judging them he could find true purpose. Only then would his true powers be unleashed, and only for the length of the sentence.

    The Church of Endless Judgement

    It is here that Saint Fredrick holds court. At any time of the day any man woman or child may find him here and ask to be judged. From their homes twelve of his jurors are summoned, and they who feel they are guilty will state their case, before being held accountable for their sins. A verdict will be made, and a sentence passed in the form of a binding geas. Everything about this is voluntary, and at any time the supplicant may leave if they do not think they can handle the punishment for their crimes.

    In the rare cases where someone is found completely innocent, Fredrick dips into his cleric training and cures them of their ills, bestowing blessings to sooth their troubled spirit and sending them on their way.
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