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    Default Re: [FwM] Recruitment/Plot/Recurring Character Thread

    I'm not normally fond of dark stuff, but this character seems like she'd fit better with darker comedy than in a lighter setting for obvious reasons. I'll let her handle her profile herself.

    Name: Hiya! The name's Blades, or Blades for short.

    Title: I said my name's Blades, didn't I? Well, I have been called other things, I guess. I've heard myself called "Stab-Happy Maniac", but ya don't normally call me that if ya're bein' all formal, do ya?

    Race: I'm an earth pony, of course!

    Appearance: Can't ya just look at me 'n see? Are ya blind or something? ...Oh, right, this is written.

    Well, as I told ya, I'm an earth pony. I've got a grey coat, 'n a gold mane, 'n fiery orange eyes, 'n a dagger as my cutie mark. Also, I lopped off my ear-tips by accident when I got a little careless tryin' to pierce 'em.

    Now, I like to wear a nice lightweight little suit of armour painted red 'n black, 'n a red headband. The armour's to be protective, but the headband's just 'cause it looks good on me. I've got a picture of me to show ya, if ya like.


    Age: I reckon I'm about seventeen, but I can't be sure.

    Skills: Well, I've got some skills with metal. I'm great at makin' weapons, makin' armour, makin' tools, makin' machine parts, makin' construction parts, makin' decorations, 'n makin' things die from bein' stabbed about fifty times.

    Biography: Wow, ya're curious about my past? I guess I might as well tell ya to be friendly. My mother was a blacksmith, 'n my father was a blacksmith, 'n my mother's mother was a blacksmith, 'n my mother's father was a blacksmith, 'n my father's mother was a blacksmith... Well, ya get the idea. Blacksmithin' sort of ran in the family.

    I discovered my talents for makin' and usin' weapons and armour early, 'n my parents sent me out into the world. I don't quite know why, but I think they either did it 'cause they thought I could use some experience in the outside world, or 'cause my cuttin' tails off local dogs was scarin' ponies. Either way, I left my home to find new adventures. 'N now, here I am, runnin' Heavy Metal Ironworks here in Bridle Shores!

    Personality: I'm just a normal, friendly-type pony, always with good cheer. My interests are mostly things like hangin' out with friends, honest work, havin' adventures, 'n stabbin' things. I'm a bit careless sometimes, 'n some ponies call me eccentric, but I don't mind.

    I don't really like bein' bored, but stabbin' can be good for dealin' with that. I'm not too fond of magic, either; a lot of it's cheatin' 'n laziness. Stabbin' can help fix that, too!

    Relationships: I'm startin' to meet new ponies now! I'm gettin' rather fond of my apprentice, Arvadraa, 'n I've also got Stellar 'n Flare workin' for me. I don't seem to have any enemies, though. Mostly 'cause they're nice and stabbed.

    Cutie Mark: Didn't I tell ya earlier? It's a dagger! Aw, see, all yar repeatin' questions are gettin' me bored. Now I'm gonna have to stab ya!

    ...All right, I think that's enough. Thanks, Blades. You can go now. It's over. No, you can't kill anyone on the way out.
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