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Thread: GitP PrC Contest Chat Thread IV

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    Quote Originally Posted by NineThePuma View Post
    I believe that both mechanics and fluff have to be new, but enemies and "the world" can be old. But I'm not X or M-B, so don't take my word as law.
    Do note that while the fluff and such must be new, there is no reason at all why it would not RELATE to a previous work you made, as long the relations are minor enough to justify two separate works. (for example an organization originally made for another class you made in the past could very well be the same organization for the contest class if it is reasonable for members of both classes to enter that organization, and that both classes are unique enough to be justified as separate classes and not "optional class feature" sort of thing...)

    Quote Originally Posted by DMofDarkness View Post
    Couldn't think of a better place to post this, so... Djinn, are you ever planning on finishing those Seiškona of the Iron Bands vestiges?
    I would have suggested to PM him about it...more effective then reposting in hopes he will run into this...
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    2117: No matter how good a debater I am out of character there is no way to logically get out of falling after your paladin kills his patron god.