Well, there's humans and dwarves. Humans have the ability to, y'know, be by far the most dominant species, use the Mage/mageborn classes (although everyone else can, I suppose), not be killed/attacked on sight (Urgals), sold into slavery in two of four countries (Gnomes), or be completely out of place (Dwarves). In general, they just fit, period. That's a benefit right there.

Dwarves... are harder. To paraphrase a previous post, they're rural, woodsy, hunter-trapper types who distill something that only someone already very drunk would consider to be drinkable alcohol. They have a propensity to use spears for hunting and war (can use spears one-handed), have no natural hair, (see: fur trappers. Let nobody say I assign occupations arbitrarily.) And don't live in under-mountain mine-cities.

They have rather friendly relationships with gnomes, some of whom escape the slavers to their south and the Urgals to their north to get into the deep backwoods where the Dwarves live. They don't have much of a political structure, mostly because I've yet to give them one.

Many of them live in 2-5 family settlements, with small fields and gardens and access to trap lines and room for hunting parties, who supply most of their meat. They sell skins and furs to the Vallheim and Soleh, in return for manufactured goods. They rarely need to trade for worked metals, as enough skilled gnomes make it north that they have roughly one or two small families attached to most settlements, usually including a smith. They have pretty powerful prejudices against magic, and have some suspicions that others would see as odd.

Really....I don't know where to go for them. Truenaming isn't really right, Binding is something everyone has, Totemists are an Urgal thing, they don't like magic-users (Why? I dunno. Good question.) and I can't think of anything to help them be unique.