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    Default Re: Iskandar's Travels in Minecraft: The LP and the MP Server Thread MKII

    Quote Originally Posted by 3SecondCultist View Post
    With the new release of the map imminent, I would like to offer my most sincere apologies to the entire server population, and especially Domochevsky and Zain. When put into Creative Mode, I decided to test out nuclear weapons, with catastrophic results. If you look to the east of my Estate, you will see a massive hole in the ocean floor. This is a direct result of my rampant god complex and the adolescent temptation of blowing stuff up. I am completely responsible for any server backlash in the near future, and I am ready to accept the consequences, whatever they might be.
    Just checked the map... Damn...If anyone wants to build an underwater city, they have the perfect starting point right there. All they need to do is find some underwater source blocks to patch it up the rest of the way once they're done.

    EDIT: Why oh why isn't there an ideabulb smilie?
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