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3Sec: You, presumably, have been watching my Modded SP LP, aff? You saw me explode that nuke underground, right? It made a hole 35 across in STONE, what exactly did you think it would do to softer materials?

I try to be fairly laid back when it comes to server rules. Do your own thing, harm no one else, don't be a ****, basically covers it. And now we need a new rule. Yes, IC2/BC is VERY exciting and offer many wonderful ways to make gigantic damn holes in the map. However, please control yourself, okay? If you make a mess like 3Sec did, CLEAN IT UP. Or, if it is too big or too awkward to do so manually, feel free to ask Domo for a little help. He can use MCEdit in these situations to trim the chunk affected.

I'm not actually mad, 3Sec. I knew someone would eventually set off a nuke or two. But please, try not to make permanent scars in the land, pkay?
Actually, no. I haven't been actively watching your Let's Play.