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    Default Re: Iskandar's Travels in Minecraft: The LP and the MP Server Thread MKII

    Quote Originally Posted by 3SecondCultist View Post
    Regarding the hole:

    Secondly, I will now exercise my artistic license to claim that it is my damn hole, and I will personally maintain it. It will eventually become a fully fledged project of mine, unless Domo decides to get rid of it. An underwater city is not out of the question, but I know that some border gentrification is on order (starting with that pesky floating island thing seen at 13:31 of the video), as well as a teleporter setup that will be made public.
    Fair enough. You made it, after all. I just had a proposal for something I thought would be cool, if nobody else had a better idea.

    Anyways, I have come to a decision. Namely, I'm never going to be able to keep up with the industrial capacity of everyone else on the server. And so, I'm just going to build cool stuff. If anyone wants to commission cool stuff, I'm up for that, too.
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