Hello all, it's been some times since I participate in a contest but for this one I was inspired. I'm working on the Procrastinator, a class that allow you to delay thing that may affected you, forced other to wait before acting and all sort of thing like that.

On that subject, I got a small problem with the wording of one of their most important ability I'm not sure how to convey that you can only delay a limited number of thing at the same times. Here the wording I got:

Iíll do that later (Su) Procrastinator posses the unique ability to delay harmful effect that affect them, they may do that via a combination of supreme concentration and a little bit of time manipulation. Starting at first level, you can as an immediate action delay damage you would have taken, this damage can come from any source and be in any amount. The damaged is delayed for a number of rounds equal to half your class level, minimum 1, after that it take effect as normal. When you use your Iíll do that later ability you gain one delay point, you can hold a maximum number of delay point equal to your Constitution modifier, you lose a delay point each time the damage delayed this way is no longer delayed. You cannot delay damage if you have reach your maximum number of delay point.
At third level you gain the ability to delay harmful condition in the same way as you can delay damage, the condition you can delay this way are as follow: blinded, confused, dazed, dazzled, deafened, exhausted, fascinate, fatigue, frightened, immobilizedToM p140, nauseated, negative level, panicked, paralyzed, petrified, shaken, sickened and stunned. The duration of those condition does not change, only the moment upon which it begin to affect you. You gain a delay point each time you delay a condition and lose one each time a delayed condition take effect.
As you can see I use delay point but it seem akward and an additional thing that you must keep track of. Anyone willing to help me find a better wording ?