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    Default Re: Masterwork and Magic Arms & Armor That Don't Make Me Cry Myself to Sleep at Night

    Quote Originally Posted by gkathellar View Post
    This is true, and I was a little unclear: I kind of think you should change that. At the very least, I feel this should overcome magic DR.
    I'd rather not, personally.

    Not sure it does, actually. An attack already has to pass AC, and now it also has to pass SR to get its full effects? That feels like hitting melee with the nerfbat, to me.
    A magic sword that adds magical effects to its wielder's attacks has to pass SR to afflict creatures with said magical effects, yes. That only makes sense to me. Yes, now your Flaming Longsword has to check against SR to deal the extra fire damage. Of course, now your Flaming Longsword costs 2000gp instead of 8000 and deals 1d6+5 fire damage instead of 1d6, so I think it evens out.

    Since you're creating new enchantments, you don't have to worry about breakage potential therein.
    Again... I don't really know what you're talking about here. For now, I'd rather not allow non-casters to craft overtly magical weapons and armor.

    Ideally, a system more like FFXd20's item creation would be in place, allowing characters to use magic/alchemical items obtained from enemies (bomb cores, antarctic winds, electro marbles, etc) to craft magic items, but D&D doesn't work like that.
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