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Greater fortification - I'm pretty sure it's little to strong. Make it grand the wearer a 75% chance to avoid critical hit and precision damage.
Greater Fortification normally grants immunity rather than 75% resistance. I'm not interested in nerfing the property.

I also believe you should step up the caster level requirements for improved and greater Chromatic Surge to (at least) respectively 7th and 11th level.
7th and 13th is when Desert Wind gains its higher level maneuvers that add an equivalent amount of fire damage. I'll go ahead and change the CL for now to those.

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Energy Immunity should probably use the Energy Immunity spell (Spell Compendium 80).
Good point.

I appreciate that you've given Defending a named bonus, though I think it would be better as a Competence bonus than a Shield bonus[...]
I was unsure about this one myself. I never really liked that I made it a Shield bonus when it was a magical property. I'll change it to a Dodge bonus (even though that sounds stupid at least it allows a dual-wielder to have two Defending weapons and get a respectable AC boost from it).

Does Sleepstriking have a HD limit, as it references the Sleep spell, which naturally has one. I'm thinking you probably didn't, since you reference Deep Slumber for creating it.
It shouldn't have an HD limit, no. I'll clarify.

Otherwise, seems a bit more functional, though I'm not sure how well Ragnarok will work, since the reducing Immunity to High Resistance is still likely not to hurt the target except somewhere in Epic levels.
I'm going to up the CL requirement on this and change the functionality some. It should be much more worth it when I finish.

Not sure about basing all save DCs off of Cha is necessarily the best route, either, as that'll add MAD to classes that don't need it and tend to favor certain classes that already have Cha as a main stat. I appreciate the saves advancing so they stay relevant or even become relevant in the first place, I'd just revert to something like Con or give a choice about the stat to use.
I chose Charisma as the "item stat" so as to make it less of a dump stat. It's still not completely necessary for meleers of course, since they can spam attacks and force a failed save in that way, but if it gives a boost to classes like Marshal, then I don't see a big problem. Changing it to Con would make it "too easy" to boost the save DCs, I feel.