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Thread: My Little Pony: Avatar Is Magic II

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    Hi, as much as I love the old one I'm in dire need of a new ponytar ^^

    Gender: Male
    Type: Earth
    Coat color: White
    Mane color and style: Black with green highlights. Wavy and messy!
    Cutie mark:Zoso
    Pose: Playing a double necked guitar. Head a bit down, with the mane covering one eye?
    Accessories or costumes: Said Double Necked Guitar...Oh and if you could get some fractal-ish lights with music notes on them around him it'd be YMERONEAN!! SURTURIAN(oops, wrong made-up word...) Tough I can do that one myself on Photoshop later I guess...

    Yes, Sir Jimmy Page pony!With a few liberties of myself...
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    Biggest thanks to Dirtytabs for the Ponytar! He's so surturian and got thay ymeronian mane!