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    Default Re: Iskandar's Travels in Minecraft: The LP and the MP Server Thread MKII

    Quote Originally Posted by Iskandar View Post
    An experiment.

    Should I continue?
    Hells yeah. I'd gladly watch this. As for class, maybe go with Spelunker? Bit of a bonus to both mining and defense, there. I'm not sure how Tale of Kingdoms plays out lategame. If you don't expect to be doing any mining, go with Zealot.

    In other news, I may have figured out a way to do spontaneous LP commentary on my own LP. Given that this is the main obstacle in recording more of it, this will help greatly. Even if it requires a little bit of extra work on my part, it doesn't require as much extra time as the way I have been doing it. Also, you still get Robo-Destro, so no fear there, Zain.
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    I do LP's sometimes! I'm currently on hiatus for college purposes.

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