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    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Wasp Queen

    Age: ???

    Profession: Member of NO

    Description: In her more commonly seen human guise, Esther takes the form of an aristocratic woman. High cheekbones, even features. it's hard to guess at her age. Her black hair is piled on top of her head and she wears a conservative, green dress. Her voice tends to have a buzzing quality.

    Her true body is that of an over sized wasp, about two feet in length, with a large abdomen.

    Personality: Esther is cold, unemotional, and unshakably calm. She doesn't try to disturb people, but when you're a wasps posing as human much of the time, it's bound to happen. That said she is loyal enough to her associates. There's little reason to not be.

    Equipment: N/A

    Abilities: Esther is a mage. She casts her spells through the complex movements of her wasp swarm. Her spell are often not directly offensive. She prefers to use more subtle magic. She is rather skilled in the use of illusion.

    Backstory: Esther was born with greater intelligence and an innate control over other wasps. She quickly established a very large swarm. For unknown reasons, she decided that she needed a safe place to establish her hive, so for that reason she joined NO.

    Miscellaneous: Esther rarely actually leaves her room in NO, preferring to act through her link with her swarm.
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