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    Alias: Agor, Rex, Bob (name he tells humans whenever they ask his name)

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Western Dragon

    Age: Who cares how old a dragon is? He is a 20-something at heart, however.

    Profession: Nothing really, doesn't want to do any menial work. He just eats twice as much food as he should be eating, maybe more. But either way, there was never a single minute in his life where he felt full at all.

    Description:Agorec is an obese dragon, who can breathe fire only about once a day. He has glittering red scales on his skin, with a tannish underbelly.

    Personality: Basically, Agorec is just lazy as hell; he will only move whenever there is food within a 10 foot radius. His attitude towards people can be described as pretty passive; most of the time, he is quite shy most of the time, but he is nice to people who wouldn't try to steal his food.

    Equipment: You can find $1,000,000 worth of gold coins, jewels, and other paraphernalia littered in piles around his cave. Also, there is a huge room next to his bedroom dedicated only to the food that Agorec eats.

    Backstory: Agorec was a dragon who belonged to a family of strong, powerful dragons by blood. As a child, he was as perfectly lean and perfectly toned as any. But he didn't like living with his family because he thought they were a bunch of doucebags to him. Rex had about 3 dragon friends, and they pulled a "Hakuna Matata" on him, convincing Rex to just relax, and have a more lazy, carefree attitude on life. And with that, he decided to eat a lot more, and thus he got fat. When Agorec's parents found out, they performed a magical ritual that banished Agorec from their world, right into the Nexus, where he was doomed to live forever, never to tarnish Agorec's powerful family with his weak presence again.

    Relations: Agorec has a human servant, whose name is Joel, who he met when he was transported into the Nexus. They met because Joel was exploring Outside when he found a huge dragon lying around in a cave he was spelunking in. When they met, they became great friends, and Joel started giving Agorec such enormous amounts of food.
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