I suppose I could bring in an alternate version of Sweetheart, this time without mind-affecting powers or as much of a tragic backstory.


Name: Sweetheart.

Appearance: A graceful earth pony mare with a light red coat, a long red mane and tail, sky-blue eyes and a heart cutie mark.

Skills: Her main skill is taking care of other ponies. Since most ponies can take care of themselves well enough, it mostly comes up when a pony is sick or injured.

Biography: Sweetheart is a recent graduate from the school. Unable to find better work outside, she took up the job of school nurse after the previous occupant quit without explanation, and has been doing her best to adapt to it. She suspects her predecessor just got bored and left.

Personality: Calm, collected, and very, very caring.

Relationships: Mostly professional so far.

Position: Nurse.