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    This is a fire red nuzlocke starring the daughter of the main character of Can we all survive an emerald nuzlocke located here. However you should not need to read the first run to get the plot of this one.

    The rules

    Rule 1 Any pokemon that faints, dies and can't be used again they must be boxed in the grave.

    Rule 2 The first pokemon I see in each area that does not have a catch symbol must be caught.

    Rule 3 All plot important battles (gymleaders, rivals, and Givoanni) must be fought with an equal number of pokemon that the battle uses. (For instance I can only bring two pokemon to fight with Brock)

    Rule 4 A wipe of the team (All active team members fainting/dying) can cause a loss. Whether it does depends on if I go to the space I wiped on, can I get back to the pokemon center without triggering a wild pokemon battle. If I do not have reserves then I lose instantly, and the only difference is whether or not Melinda ends the run alive.

    Ch 1 Melinda 1 level Expert, 1 level Snark knight

    25 years after Illven became the Hoenn champion.

    My name is Melinda. Tomorrow I start my pokemon journey. I wish Dad was here to see me off, but he disappeared over a year ago. No one knows what happened to him. Mom... mom misses him. But she doesn't let it ruin her life. She finally talked Professor Oak into giving me one of his pokemon. Which is great, since I don't need to start with a Pidgey or something. Mom is worried though. Pokemon have become so violent these past few years. But I'll be fine. I can handle a few Pidgey's and Rattata's.

    Hero? I think heroine is more appropriate.

    *sigh* Helping others. Do I have to?

    Did someone spike my dinner?

    Oak. We've known each other for 10 years, I've helped out in your lab for 3 years.

    Welcome? I'm been in the world for 17 years.

    I think I just had an aneurysm from sheer stupidity.

    You have people affectionate with you at your age?

    I know this Professor. A 3 year old knows this.

    More stuff a 3 year old knows.

    You study pokemon as your job.

    Eh. Close enough.

    You! Have! Known! Me! For! Ten! Years!

    Arrgh! Female. You idiot!


    I just said that!

    I've only known him for ten years!

    You never forget Daisy's name. *sigh* It's Gary.

    Just said that.

    All of my hate!!!!

    *sigh* Yes.

    Legend? I like the sound of that.

    Then I woke up. Wondering two things, A who put me in my bed? And B What in the world was that dream? Then I proceed to walk down the stairs. I wanted to get my starter pokemon as soon as possible.

    And saw that my mother had dyed her hair blue. What the Battor? I thought that teenagers did crazy stuff like that. Not our parents.
    May Oh Melinda you're up. Professor Oak said that he wanted to see you as soon as possible.
    Why is your hair blue?
    I dyed it in celebration of your journey.
    Okay. Why blue?
    Well Bulbasaur has blueish spots, Charmender has blue eyes, and Squritle's skin is blue.
    Well that's.... that's great mom. I have to go.
    Melinda. Be careful, I love you. And I know Illven would have wanted to see you off. Here take this potion you may need it one day.
    If he's still alive.

    And the lawn was decorated by Swablu corpses. This was the first time Belle managed to have a liter instead of just one child. I guess she forget to tell the children not to fight. Which one of you is still alive.
    Lysol Hi Melinda, it's me Lysol.
    Lysol was covered in blood. Her wings were the worse literally dripping it and having several meat chunks stuck in the wings And you killed your liter-mates because...? She paused to eat a rather large meat chunk after fishing it out of her wings.
    Well they were taking Mommy's love for her favorite daughter. So I killed them while they were sleeping. Or at least tried to, most of them woke up and tried to fight me off. But now they won't ever take any of Mommy's love for me! She'll love me most forever!
    Ah. Well I see no way of getting across the lawn without getting my shoes filthy at the very least. So I insist that since you made the mess, you clean me up after I get across the lawn
    Okay Melinda.

    Lysol worked fast in getting me cleaned up. Okay Lysol thank you.
    Bye Melinda.
    I walked over to Gary's house. I figured we could walk to the lab together

    Oh.. He left already.
    Daisy Yeah he said he wanted to have the pick of the choices before you got there

    I don't know I think my dream is trying to tell me he's getting a bit dotty.

    Where's Oak?
    Gary I don't know. I haven't seen him all morning
    That's wonderful. He tell us to hurry up and then can't be bothered show up.
    Oh lighten up. He probably found a shiny pokemon and is bringing it here to study or something.
    Oh fine.
    *2 hours later*
    That's it! I'm walking to Viridian city buying some poke-balls and I'll just catch a Pidgey or Rattata. Tell Oak he can mail me my starter.


    I can handle Pidgey's and Rattata's!

    You were gone for two hours! Forgive me if I got a little impatient. Where have you been anyway?

    You know you were gone for two hours?

    Oak Hey Melinda here tried to be productive. If you were really so fed up why didn't you go along with her?

    Oak you got them from a breeding farm. I swear he is so forgetful.

    I get one before Gary? Works for me!

    You'll get one after Melinda

    Bulbasaur's are very loyal, and they don't need much food. They store energy using the bulb on it's back.

    Charmender's can be hard to raise at first, but they grow to be very strong, and are also very loyal. Like most pokemon they are omnivores.

    Squirtle's are much more likely to get along with your other pokemon, then with you. But like all poke-ball pokemon they don't have a choice but to listen to your commands, and they can be a true team player.

    Characters that speak in this update


    Everyone may pick which starter I choose, you each have two votes. You can spend one vote on two pokemon, or two votes on one starter. You may also suggest names and personalities

    Main characters


    Alignment True Neutral.

    Melinda is the daughter of Illven and the star of this Nuzlocke. Although she shares Illven's sarcastic tongue. She is much less restrained in it's use. She does not care for anyone that isn't a friend, or family. Is extremely attractive, and has uncontrolled sexuality bending powers, but shares Illven's dislike of overly sexual things. Melinda can be very spiteful when she feels slighted and betrayed, but is very loyal to those who earn her trust. Melinda recently has been trying to move towards a good alignment, it is somewhat successful.

    Melinda speaks like this.

    Biollante the Venusaur

    Alignment N
    Biollante Iv's Hp 0-9 Atk 2-16 Def 2-16 Sp.atk 20-27 Sp.Def 20-27 Spd 27-29

    Biollante is a Venusaur that thinks Melinda is it's mommy. Wants to plant it's seeds in it's victims. Thinks the other teammates are it's meat shields. Pestilence scares him. Is willing to do anything Melinda asks. Thinks it evolved for love of Mommy. Has an arranged wifey Snorlax and a concubine ditto. Melinda was angry when Biollante couldn't control his "urges" around a Wigglytuff but Melinda has forgiven him.

    Biollante speaks like this.

    Jack the Electrode

    Alignment N

    Jack is an abandoned toy that speaks backwards. Jack wishes it could speak normally. And doesn't want to be a "play" toy.

    Kcaj skaeps ekil siht

    Sunspot the Arcanine

    Alignment CE
    Sunspot's Iv's Hp 10-14 Atk 25-29 Def 15-19 Sp.atk 20-24 Sp.def 30-31 Spd 20-24

    Sunspot is a Arcanine that thinks fire is pretty, was brutally attacked by Melinda for fleeing the first time they met. Is terrified of Melinda now. When Melinda ordered it to kill a Wigglytuff it fell in love with Sunspot got furious and killed the next Bulbasaur it saw to scare Biollante and spite Melinda. This caused Melinda to let Endo infect it with spores and now he lives in constant pain. However Melinda eventually cured Sunspot.

    Sunspot speaks like this.

    Ackbar the Lapras

    Alignment N

    Ackbar is a Lapras given to Melinda for liberating Sliph.Co. Believes that everything is a psychological experiment. Although it has gotten somewhat better about supsecting everything to be a trap, it still tends to be suspicious

    Ackbar speaks like this.

    Plato the Aerodactyl

    Alignment LN

    Plato was also revived by the power of science. A philosopher by nature he has yet to re-mark on an afterlife. He gives wise advice, and not so wise advice to his teammates

    Plato speaks like this.

    Kelk the Venomoth

    Al LG
    Kelk Iv's Hp 19-22 Atk 0-1 Def 4-7 Sp.atk 24-27 Sp.def 6-9 Spd 10-13

    Kelk is a paladin and believes Melinda to be on quest to vanquish evil. Melinda originally intended to corrupt Kelk, but was charmed by Kelk's simple unending goodness and was slightly marginally redeemed.

    Kelk speaks like this.


    Karp karp the Gyarados

    Alignment NE
    Karp karp IV's Hp 0-19 Atk 0-19 Def 0-9 Sp.atk 10-29 Sp.def 0-19 Spd 0-19

    Karp karp is a Gyarados that was given brain damage by it's previous trainer for failure to evolve from a Magikarp. He is obsessed with revenge, and is willing to torture pokemon because they share a species with the pokemon his old trainer uses and they won't give him information. He also hates when people are racist towards him. Even though he pretty much fulfills the sterotype of Gyaradoses

    Karp Karp speaks like this.

    Pestilence the Butterfree

    Alignment CE
    Pestilence's Ivs Hp Hp 0-9 Atk 15-31 Def 5-29 Sp.atk 10-31 Sp.def 10-31 Spd 10-31

    Pestilence enjoys the suffering of others. Although he can eat grass and berries and leaves, he prefers Grass type pokemon, because they can scream. Thinks bug types are fun.

    Pestilence speaks like this.

    Scep the Raticate

    Alignment N/NE (Borderline case)
    Scep Iv's Hp 7-31 Atk 0-21 Def 0-29 Sp.atk 17-31 Sp.def 0-29 Spd 23-31

    Scep is a Raticate that thinks the world is a maze. It wants flesh, cake, and it's favorite food seems to be flesh flavored cake. Uses all the parts of it's fallen foes. It always wants to fulfill base desires. When it evolved it become much more violent. It's ideal life is a pet ditto and unlimited food.

    Scep speaks like this.

    Bumbles the Beedrill

    Alignment N
    Bumbles IV's Hp 20-31 Atk 0-1 Def 0-11 Sp.atk 18-31 Sp.def 18-31 Spd 15-28

    Bumbles is a Beedrill that wants to avenge its grandad's death in the Bear wars. Bumbles knows and idolizes Illven, Gramps, and Lt.Surge. Paddington killed his Grandfather but Melinda has forbidden him from taking vengeance.

    Bumbles speaks like this.

    Dee-Darr the Vileplume

    Alignment N/NE (DID case)
    Dee-Darr Iv's Hp 0-2 Atk 8-15 Def 14-20 Sp.atk 20-26 Sp.def 1-8 Spd 0-1

    Dee is the embodiment of the Gloom that Illven evolved into Bellossom. Has become consumed with anger and wants revenge. Darr likes skittles. Dee has taken control of the body with the evolution to Vileplume. Melinda has allowed Dee to take revenge on Illven but not anyone connected to Illven.

    Darr used to speak like this.
    Dee speaks like this

    Fluffles the Meowth

    Alignment NE

    Fluffles acts cute to lower peoples guard. However it dreams of being worshiped. Very evil outside the cute act. Seems to like Pestilence.

    Fluffles speaks like this.

    Zephyr the Pidgeot

    Alignment N
    Zephyr's Ivs Hp 20-31 Atk 10-31 Def 20-31 Sp.atk 0-29 Sp.def 0-29 Spd 0-21

    Zephyr is a Pidgeot that wanted to torture and kill all the other Pidgey line in the world. Wishes it was born a Spearow. Has a small crush on Red Baron. Its evolution has come with an increased desire to eat meat. It's final evolution has made it realize that it should try to be the best Pidgeot to get attention.

    Zephyr speaks like this.

    Pcebro the Primeape

    Alignment NE
    Pcebro IV Hp 0-19 Atk 0-19 Def 10-29 Sp.atk 10-29 Sp.def 0-9 Spd 20-31

    Pcebro is a Primeape that claimed dedication to a violent form of pacifism, but having gained power, revealed that it was all a lie.

    Pcebro speaks like this.

    Endo the Parasect

    Alignment N/NE
    Endo IV's Hp 10-19 Atk 0-9 Def 20-29 Sp.atk 30-31 Sp.def 20-29 Spd 10-19

    Endo was a Paras that got mushrooms for protection. The shrooms told him to kill stuff and spread the shrooms. Endo himself was good-natured, and sweet, but thought the shrooms would never steer him wrong. The shrooms took control upon evolution and Endo now spends it's life in agony. The shrooms have infested Lt.Surge, Sunspot, and countless others. When the shrooms were affected by a Wigglytuff's cute charm, Endo took control for a short moment. However it used attract to control the Wigglytuff when it wouldn't agree to "play"

    Endo speaks like this.

    Haddock the Machamp

    Alignment N
    Haddock Iv's Hp 8-12 Atk 17-22 Def 30-31 Sp.atk 19-24 Sp.def 13-18 Spd 19-24

    Haddock is a drunken sailor Machamp. Often slurres, and is unconvinced that Melinda is not bi. Was boxed for Sunspot and because Jango can use fighting attacks. Is smitten with Melinda. And wants to "play" with her

    Haddock speaks like this.

    Grumbles 2 the Porygon

    Alignment N
    Grumbles 2 Iv's Hp 1-4 Atk 23-26 Def 18-21 Sp.atk 15-18 Sp.def 12-15 Spd 28-31

    Grumbles 2 was given as a gift for defeating team rocket. Grumbles 2 was programed to be as like Grumbles as possible, but still contains none of his memories. Due to Grumbles coming back as a ghost. Grumbles 2 personality was deleted and it is acting like members of the other team. Often is used as a form of mockery.

    Grumbles 2 speaks like this.

    Grumbles the Gengar

    Alignment N
    Grumbles Iv's Hp 1-2 Atk 5-11 Def 9-14 Sp.atk 25-31 Sp.def 18-23 Spd 15-21

    Grumbles is the spirit of Grumbles come back to the mortal coil to continue to complain about how life was better when he was a kid. Agreed to join up with Melinda again. Complains about all the new changes from when he was a kid. Such as new moves and new evolutions. Remembers a time where Dittos weren't "play" addicts.

    Grumbles speaks like this.

    Paddington the Snorlax.

    Alingment NE
    Paddington Iv's Hp 10-13 Atk 14-16 Def 10-13 Sp.atk 27-29 Sp.def 7-9 Spd 27-29

    Paddington is a bear hero. Leading troops to victory after victory in the bear wars. Drinks alot. Is Biollante's arranged wifey. Although whether it wants to or not is unknown. Will kill and eat anyone that doesn't do what she wants. Goes absolutely psycho on any anti-bear sympathizers or anti-bear soldiers.

    Paddington speaks like this.

    Fluff the Ditto

    Al N
    Fluff Iv's Hp 0-3 Atk 31 Def 18-21 Sp.atk 4-8 Sp.def 13-17 Spd 9-12

    Fluff is a ditto, and Fluff is a "play" addict. It was unable to stay on the wagon for much longer than five minutes, and was willing to endure Endo's shrooms to play with it. Fluff has no shame if it will interfere with Ditto time.

    Fluff speaks like this.

    Kuma the Poliwrath

    Alignment Strongly LE
    Kuma's Iv's Hp 13-19 Atk 15-21 Def 6-12 Sp.atk 13-19 Sp.def 13-19 Spd 13-19

    Kuma is a Poliwrath that believed that Melinda will help it vanquish a great evil. Called Melinda great one. Kuma is extremely discriminatory. Believing that if any pidgey has combat skills worth mentioning it clearly is being aided by the great evil, and believes HM's are the work of the great evil. It's final evolution turned it into a bloody thirsty monster.

    Kuma speaks like this.

    Jack the Nidoking

    Alignment NE
    Jack Iv's Hp 12-14 Atk 30-31 Def 27-29 Sp.atk 10-13 Sp.def 0-3 Spd 0-3

    Jack is a Nidoking that was never held as a child. He hates his ability because he always kills the people he loves. He is tormented daily by his ability, but has started torturing girls until they tell him they love him, and then killing them to prevent them from falling out of love. He justifies this by saying that if everybody deserves love, and he isn't being given love then he must be expected to take it.

    Jack speaks like this.

    Uno the Dodrio

    Alignment N
    Uno's Iv's Hp 11-14 Atk 30-31 Def 10-13 Sp.atk 4-6 Sp.def 19-22 Spd 0-3

    Uno is the loneliest Dodrio that you ever knew. Due to only having one personality the other Doduos wouldn't let it play in the Doduo games. However making friends with Melinda's team has started to cure her sorrow.

    Uno speaks like this.

    Prof.Kipp the Hitmonchan

    Alignment LE
    Prof.Kipp Hp 16-19 Atk 22-25 Def 14-17 Sp.atk 17-21 Sp.def 8-11 Spd 4-7

    Prof.Kipp is a gentlemen that likes nothing more then beating the peasant classes until they die.

    Prof.Kipp speaks like this.

    Electra the Zapdos

    Alignment N
    Electra's Iv's Hp 18-19 Atk 0-1 Def 0-1 Sp.atk 2-3 Sp.def 12-13 Spd 28-29

    Electra is the Goddess of thunderstorms and knows alot of things. Knows who Melinda's parents are, and knows where Illven is. Is very shy and socially awkward.

    Electra speaks like this.

    Raffael the Shiny Gloom

    Raffael's Iv's Hp 27-29 Atk 20-23 Def 0-2 Sp.atk 5-8 Sp.def 4-7 Spd 6-9
    Alignment CN

    Raffael is a gloom that appreciates all art. Raffael believes that everything is a picture if you look at it the right way. However he can only draw when inspired, and is only inspired by new experiences.

    Raffael speaks like this

    Lovecraft the Tentacool

    Lovecraft Iv's Hp 0-19 Atk 0-19 Def 20-29 Sp.atk 0-19 Sp.def 0-19 Spd 20-31
    Alignment N

    Lovecraft is a Tentacruel that used to write stories about capture devices that never let their victims escape and other surface world horrors, but after finding out the surface world isn't so bad, he decided to change his style of writing.

    Lovecraft speaks like this.

    Guinevere the Seadra

    Guinevere Iv's Hp 10-12 Atk 9-11 Def 1-3 Sp.atk 7-9 Sp.def 23-26 Spd 14-17
    Alignment LN

    Guinevere is a Seadra that thinks it is a knight without peer. Believes in justice, and letting Arceus sort out who is guilty and who isn't

    Guinevere speaks like this.

    Aqua the Seadra

    Aqua's Iv's Hp 2-6 Atk 11-15 Def 13-17 Sp.atk 8-12 Sp.def 17-21 Spd 14-18
    Alignment CN

    Aqua is a Seadra that sings and hungers for adventure.

    Aqua speaks like this

    Gale the Articuno

    Gale Iv's Hp 10-11 Atk 16-17 Def 30-31 Sp.atk 14-15 Sp.def 30-31 Spd 16-17
    Alignment NE

    Gale is the goddess of frost. Arrogant, it believed that Melinda and her pokemon were no match for it. Wants to gain back her kingdom of Ice

    Gale speaks like this.

    Horace the Omastar

    Alignment N

    Horace is an old man revived by the power of science! He's still deaf however.

    Horace speaks like this.

    Menthol the Weezing

    Alignment NG

    Menthol is a weezing that wants to help cure pokemon. He has no idea his gases are actually deadly poisons

    Menthol speaks like this.

    Dr.Hopkins the Golduck

    Alignment N
    Dr.Hopkins Iv's Hp 19-21 Atk 25-27 Def 4-7 Sp.atk 27-29 Sp.def 16-18 Spd 6-8

    Dr.Hopkins is a Golduck that wants to know why it isn't a psychic type.

    Dr.Hopkins speaks like this.

    Slick the Persian

    Alignment LE
    Slick's Iv's Hp 8-10 Atk 1-3 Def 18-20 Sp.atk 0-2 Sp.def 8-10 Spd 27-31

    Slick is a "legitimate" businessman. He offers his high priced wares to anyone, but with no guarantees on the quality of said wares.

    Slick speaks like this.

    Scramble the Exeggutor

    Alignment N
    Scramble's Iv's Hp 18-19 Atk 20-22 Def 0-2 Sp.atk 12-14 Sp.def 5-7 Spd 29-31

    Scramble is a hive mind of many eggs. It used to be six, but was cut down to three for the perfect balance of thinking and reflexes.

    Scramble speaks like this.

    Squeak the Tangela

    Alignment N
    Squeak's Iv's Hp 0-1 Atk 30-31 Def 16-18 Sp.atk 6-8 Sp.def 15-17 Spd 9-11

    Squeak is a shy Tangela that is intimidated by Melinda

    Squeak spoke like this.

    Glitter the Rapidash

    Alignment CG

    Glitter is a Rapidash that thinks that friendship is magic! Fights with other pokemon to show the power of friendship and gain new friends

    Glitter speaks like this.

    Nova the Moltres

    Alignment NG

    Nova is a huge Illven fan-girl. One of the few people that believes in Melinda

    Nova speaks like this.

    Red Baron the Fearow

    Alignment Mildly NE
    Red Baron IV's Hp 4-19 Atk 30-31 Def 7-23 Sp.atk 5-21 Sp.def 5-21 Spd 10-26

    Red Baron is a Fearow that thinks it's the master of the sky. Wants to be stealthy and snipe people from far away. Is happy that Zephyr was boxed. Was boxed, but it's replacement was killed during training. So it came back. Red Baron wants children, but would be willing to kill them if they got better in the air then her.

    Red Baron speaks like this.


    Alignment NE

    Igor is a Primeape put near Victory road in case aspiring trainers have lost a pokemon late into their journey. Due to never getting caught, Igor got depressed, and killed Thumbs to try and force Melinda to use it.

    Igor speaks like this.


    Alignment N

    Batrickjr is a Golbat, daughter of a pokemon caught by Illven and let go. Is skilled at seeing into the fourth dimension.

    Rave the Quagsire

    Alignment TN
    Rave's Iv's Hp 11-14 Atk 19-22 Def 27-30 Sp.atk 5-8 Sp.def 21-24 Spd 8-11

    Rave was a Quagsire that has a Wooper lived a life of partying before evolving. Hating it's evolution and expectation that he was to become a business man that had no fun, Rave eventually decided to take a middle of the road approach to evolution.

    Rave speaks like this

    Breeze the Jumpluff

    Alignment CN
    Breeze's Iv's Hp 0-13 Atk 0-13 Def 4-19 Sp.atk 0-13 Sp.def 0-6 Spd 0-16

    Breeze is a very lazy Jumpluff. It tries to steal other's energy, and would be willing to give up control of it's body in exchange for not having to do anything.

    Breeze speaks like this

    Lord Pen the Qwilfish

    Alignment TN

    Lord Pen is a Qwilfish with a fear of being turned into a pen. Wants to avenge his lost family members.

    Lord Pen speaks like this.

    Crow the Murkrow

    Alingment TN

    Crow is a very depressed Murkrow that believes he has bad luck, and is bad luck to all around him.

    Crow speaks like this

    Larx the Phanpy

    Alignment CN
    Larx's Iv's Hp 20-29 Atk 0-9 Def 20-29 Sp.atk 20-29 Sp.def 10-19 Spd 10-19

    Larx is a magician with many tricks. His favorite is pulling Buenrary's out of hats. He likes nothing more then an audience, but hates if they interfere with his show.
    Larx speaks like this.

    Alpha the Unown

    Alignment CG
    Alpha's Iv's Hp 24-27 Atk 24-27 Def 8-11 Sp.atk12-15 Sp.def 16-19 Spd 8-11

    Alpha was an Unown that lost it's friends. But thanks to traveling with Melinda has new friends

    Alpha speaks like this.

    Goku the Hitmonlee

    Alignment LN
    Goku's Iv's Hp 10-29 Atk 10-29 Def 10-29 Sp.atk 0-9 Sp.def 10-29 Spd 0-9

    Goku is a Hitmonlee, bred to Prof.Kipp and Fluff. He wants to surpass his father in strength.

    Goku speaks like this.
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