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    Grumbles the Arbok

    Alignment N

    Grumbles is a Arbok that always complains about the good old days, and how all the children now are lucky and spoiled. Claims to not be held back by luxuries such as organs. It's evolution led to it wanting kids off it's lawn

    Grumbles speaks like this

    Died to a Geodude's magnitude

    Rainbow the Eevee

    Alignment N/NE/NE/N/LN/N
    Iv's Hp 22-25 Atk 14-17 Def 4-7 Sp.atk 18-21 Sp.def 10-17 Spd 6-9

    Rainbow is a Eevee assaulted by 5 alternate personalities. Shower wants to drown the world and worships Kyogre, Bolt is a 4th wall breaking nerd, Hotshot is a violent pyromanic, Eif thinks that Lorelei got her position by sleeping with Lance. Blackout hates Tvtropes.

    Died to a Nidoran male's Double kick.

    Mystery the Seaking

    Alignment CN
    Mystery's Iv's Hp 0-9 Atk 11-21 Def 3-13 Sp.atk 8-18 Sp.def 0-11 Spd 8-18

    Mystery was a mysterious Seaking that told no one about itself.

    Died to a Krabby's guillotine.

    Thumbs the Dugtrio

    Alignment N/LN/N
    Thumbs Iv's Hp 8-13 Atk 13-17 Def 12-16 Sp.atk 19-24 Sp.def 16-21 Spd 5-9

    Thumbs was a Dugtrio that complained about it's arthritis. However it refused to show Melinda the rest of it's body because she is an outsider, able to refuse orders relating to showing it the rest of its body. Thanks to the side effects of it's medication it had DID. It's two additional personalities were Kiuoshi the first master of the wise and Old Fred Deaf old guy.

    Died to Igor's crosschop.

    Thumbs spoke like this

    Jango the Hypno

    Alignment N

    Jango was a Hypno that was lied to about Melinda having a dream eater tm. Thought Melinda was a ***** for lying about it. Disgusted that Melinda made it kill a Kangaskhan baby. However Jango is not good as evidenced by her being unable to forgive Melinda when Jango wanted to Melinda to forgive Biollante. Has been called on her hypocrisy of being unable to forgive Melinda, when Melinda has gotten her taught Dream eater. However she did save Melinda because she can't hate a dead person.

    Died to a Wild Wobbuffet's mirror coat

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    Dr.Watch the Furret

    Alignment LN
    Dr.Watch's Iv's Hp 24-29 Atk 22-27 Def 6-11 Sp.atk 0-3 Sp.def 0-3 Spd 27-31

    Dr.Watch was a researcher, that studied the different senses of Pokemon. He did not want any interns. Was killed by an angry Marowak.

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    Because I have awesome/obsessed fans (Fan) here is some fan art.


    Koda the kobold

    A picture showing his like for a certain Armaldo in a certain emerald run.

    Now covered in Armaldo plushies.

    Happy easter, got any rare candies

    Now Armaldo being used as a war mount.

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