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I didn't realize this was a sequel until the conversation with May. I vote for Bulbasaur, but no ideas on names or personality.
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Hurray! :D Love the new story so far! Can't wait for more updates!

I put my 2 votes for Bulbasaur, because they're awesome, and it would be a nice change from a water type like Memetic :)

Name: Biollante (Alternatively Riollante and he can be Spanish! Or something....)
He likes to spread it's "seeds" all over the place so they can become prey to mind control. Or at least he thinks they can.... (They being other pokemon mind you. The seeds don't work...yet )

Salmander: Personality? Pyromaniac.
Okay 4 vote counters for Bulbasaur. Note that the seeds will never control Bulbsaur and it's evoultion's. They have a symbiotic relationship with the bulb and flowers on their backs. But since Venasaur's fragrance soothes pokemon, the seeds can have limited control if it reaches it's final evoultion.