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    Default Re: The Definitive Guide to the Tippyverse, By Emperor Tippy

    Quote Originally Posted by dextercorvia View Post
    Is Points of Light something that is available to the public?
    More of it will be posted in this thread, but no it's not. As the entire setting is hand written it's a pain to upload.

    Quote Originally Posted by Psyren View Post
    It seems to me that the lynchpin then to a TV is mass teleportation.
    It is. Teleporation Circles allow the rapid deployment of entire armies numbering (potentially) in the hundreds of thousands into an enemy city in minutes. When such an ability exists it becomes impossible to maintain a traditional nation because you can never secure your borders and the attacker will always have a nigh insurmountable initiative advantage. This will lead to centralization as the only viable defense, with the inevitable knock on effects. That gives you the start of the Cities.

    Then come the economic side effects. A single permanent TC has a cost comparable to a Galley and can potentially move upwards of 70 billion pounds of goods per day. No other means of trade can possibly compete with a TC. That leads to the end of trade routes which screws over the smaller communities as they aren't profitable enough to get a TC and merchants no longer pass through them on the way to major trading hubs. Combine this with the concentration of military force making small communities non viable when faced with monsters and it very much becomes a world sharply delineated between the Cities and the Wilds.

    Remove permanent Teleportation Circles and a Tippyverse will never form in the first place.

    I will be watching this closely of course, but I suppose my questions are twofold:

    1) How would one adapt the TV to a psionic setting? (I think someone was trying this - Urpriest?)
    The critical components can be transferred straight over. Psionic Teleportation Circles exist, as does Fabricate. With traps of each (as you can't make permanent a Psionic TC) you can get the two critical components of the Tippyverse (teleporation and food traps).
    2) Does the TV translate to PF rules equally well? Are any of the key elements significantly changed?
    I don't know enough about PF to answer that one. So long as permanent teleportation circles are possible you can (and logically would) have the Tippyverse. Ultimately everything else is simply a bonus feature. With a Create Food trap you are pretty much set.
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