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Two votes Charmander. I don't care if it is overdone; it's overdone because Charmander are awesome!

Name: Bren if male, Claire if female. Personality remains the same for either gender. Fairly sarcastic (think Memetic but less annoying) and distrustful of humans. Also a pyromaniac. Grows more trustful of Melinda over the course of the journey. Also blends hir personality to be more like Melinda's over time. (I read someone say that your starter should reflect your character, and have loved the idea ever since.)
Seerow said that in Crazy man attempts nuzlocke of Platinum. Might not be where you first heard it. But I know he said that.

I'm starting the update now. 6 votes for Bulbasaur, 1 Squirtle, 3 Chamender. Means we start with a Bulbasaur