Ch 2 Biollante and Mommy!

Yeah I like the idea of a pokemon that doesn't need much food.

I hope so. I'd hate to have a lazy pokemon. I called it out of the poke-ball so that I could see my pokemon.
Mommy I wuv you.
And it tackle hugged me.
I'm going to spread mind-controlling seeds on our victims all for you Mommy.
That's... that's great. What's your name?
What does Mommy want it to be?
I don't know Biollante I guess.
That's an amazing name Mommy.

Did you take the one that's good against mine on purpose?
Gary Maybe I just wanted the power to control fire.

Not when you picked the one with an edge over me.

I'm not getting a choice here am I

I'll hurt you for attacking Mommy!
Biollante I choose you!

Oh stop being so mean to him.

No, but I've watched Dad battle before.

More stuff a 3 year old knows.

I know.


Biollante tackle.

Gee really. I thought it was blowing kisses at the opponent
Trogdor Scratch

Biollante started the fight, ramming the Charmender in the ribs at full speed and following though until it collided with the wall. However the Charmender returned a blow slashing Biollante across the face drawing Blood.
Ow.. Ow Must be brave for Mommy!
Biollante tackle again.

This time Biollante launched itself forward savagely. When he finished his charge it impaled the Charmender's back into a table's corner. The charmender yelped in pain, and it looked to be sporting a dislocated arm.
Trogdor Scratch.

Biollante was bleeding but it wasn't that much, and the Charmender looked to be highly injured. Biollante tackle.
Trogdor Scratch.

Biollante started bleeding heavily as the Charmendar had slashed him across the underside. He seemed to be a bit unsteady from the blood lost. However the Charmender was much worse. It was holding it's wounded arm to it's side and it's left eye was swollen. Biollante I want you try a new attack, I know your jaws aren't strong I want you to bite and tug on that dislocated arm. Okay Biollante?
Yeah Mommy!

The Charmender yelped as Biollante savagely tore at the dislocated arm. I heard a sharp crack and it went down Good job Biollante. Wait what are you doing? Biollante started ramming the Charmender's skull with his own head.
Trodgor return
*pant* I thought *pant* that I would break open the Charmender's skull and *pant* harvest the tasty brain meats for Mommy.
Stop Biollante. From now on I don't want you killing any of that man's pokemon. Okay?
Okay Mommy.

Mommy I got stronger. Just for you!

Yeah! Looks like type advantage wasn't enough.

No, you just suck.

I'll be as strong as Mommy wants me to be!

I hope you're going to heal it first. It would be really dumb to try and make it fight with it's wounded arm.

Hey! I smell nice.

Um okay? I care why?

Great a sales pitch. Look sir I have more important things to do. Namely anything else

Oh sweet. Free stuff.

Shortly after, we found a wild Pidgey
Let me at it.
Okay Biollante

Biollante was bruised a bit. But the Pidgey was unconscious. Biollante started sniffing and nudging the unconscious body
Mommy I hungry.
I.. I thought you got energy from the sun?
Only some of it. Please mommy can I eat the Pidgey?
Will you get a disease?
No mommy.
Then sure. Beats carrying extra food for you I started unwrapping a sandwich

A Rattata appeared. Probably looking to scavenge off the corpse. Biollent are you full yet?
No Mommy.
Protect your kill.

Except for the dead ones idiot.

Poke-balls? I have one idiot. Wait why are you looking at my waist? Perv.
Mommy loves me so much, she doesn't need anyone else.

Because Mommy loves me so I love her.

Two? There's at least three Caterpie, Weedle, Wurmple.

Now I know how Dad feels.

Um, yeah why?


*sigh* Sure, sure.

We saw another wild Pidgey,
Yay! Snackies.

I'll embed the seeds into an open wound, and they'll drain the nutrients for me!
Creepy but effective.

You. Got. Him. From. A. Breeding. Farm.

She's my Mommy!

Thank you. By the way I have a package from you at viridian mart

You're welcome.

Hey Gary!

Really? Fine I guess. You did give me Biollante

And you want us to fill it don't you?

Oh nice! Thank you

So Gary's screwed.

Aren't parents not supposed to do that.

Oh that's sweet.

Excuse me *glare*

Daisy will give one to me if I ask.

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Comments are appreciated

There are a quite a few pokemon I can catch easily. I can catch a Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow, Pikachu, and Mankey. You may suggest names and personalities for any of them.

In addition there is the Gary fight. What level should I be to fight him? Remember I can only bring two pokemon to fight him with

He will use a Lv 9 Pidgey, and a Lv 9 Charmender