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Thread: Blazing hate A fire red nuzlocke

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    Yeah, I have a Ratatta, Spearow, and Zubat for reserves.

    Anyway, I like the Nuzlocke so far. My pokemon are actually at a decent level for once, instead of me showing up for misty with a level 17 Wartortle, a 16 kadabra and a 14-15 Pikachu. Now I have 4 level 18-20, and I just finished th cave. Figure I had to turbo grind the beginning cuz I wanted a Charmander.

    Edit: Can't you get 3? Route 1 and route 22?
    Anyway I wrecked Gary at level 9, with a pidgey and a mankey. Maybe 10 for good measure.

    Caterpie/Metapod/Weedle/kakuna: Got nothing.
    Mankey: Make it really interested in doing lewd things in public.
    Pidgey: Got nothing.
    Ratatta: Make it be a revolutionary, trying to overthrow the human regime.
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