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    Default Re: Bridle Shores High: The Haystack Club. Recruitment thread.

    Need more students so you won't end up needing to have teachers teach each other in the classes, eh? I've got one here.


    Name: Raven.

    Appearance: A young pegasus mare with a dark coat, a short, smooth, grey-blue mane and tail with red streaks, dark red eyes, blue glasses, and a black feather cutie mark.

    Skills: Writing, especially poetry, is her speciality.

    Biography: Raven is just another student at the School. She doesn't talk about her past much.

    Personality: Raven appears cold on the outside, but underneath that, she's a creative and witty pony who's just a bit reclusive and not good at expressing friendliness. In any case, though, she tends to be serious, with her sense of humour manifesting as acidic quips at things around her.

    Relationships: Raven doesn't have many known friends yet.

    Position: Junior.
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