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    Default Re: Bridle Shores High: The Haystack Club. Recruitment thread.

    Name: Night Jewel.

    Appearance: A young unicorn, somewhat small for her age, with a purple coat, a pale blue mane and tail, blue eyes and a toolkit cutie mark.

    Skills: Manipulation of mechanisms. Her magic can make small alterations to the inner workings of mechanical devices, whether to sabotage or repair them.

    Biography: Night Jewel is sort of a high school drop-in, having started at the school without actually being enrolled. The staff soon caught on, and she had to register properly, but that only lead to her finding alternate ways to try to stir up chaos. She has a bit of a reputation as a troublemaker by now, although some of the things she's done haven't been figured out yet.

    Personality: Quick-witted and sly, Night Jewel enjoys finding things, acquiring things, and overcoming challenges. She's not very afraid of doing things that might get her into trouble - rather, she sees avoiding risks as yet another entertaining challenge. Even if she is somewhat more cautious than her main universe counterpart, she's still willing to do things she's likely to get away with, or even a few she's not so likely to get away with.

    Relationships: Night Jewel has teamed up with Purple Pepper in her rebellious operations around the school.

    Position: Head Prankster Junior.
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