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    A nice Aes Sedai? Pffft. You're no fun.
    Of course, my own idea is a Red Ajah sister who actually likes tolerates men (and thinks of Gentling as saving them from a horrible, horrible fate), so I suppose I can't complain against breaking traditions. Also she really hates that Reds aren't allowed to take Warders.
    So she decided to become her own Warder.
    She is a Saldean, after all.
    Unless I make her Domani, just for the lulz. Still haven't decided yet.

    But we probably need more support before we can get started. Three Four people is not enough!

    Edit: Also I've decided she's pretty disdainful of the other Ajahs.
    "Oh, so you joined Green in order to prepare for Tarmon Gai'don? Okay, see you in about another thousand years or so."
    And of course:
    "... So, you spent 10 years mastering saidar, the female half of the One Power that drives the very Wheel of Time itself. You can Heal fatal wounds in merest seconds. You can make balls of fire sprout from your fingertips and lightning fall like rain. You can create a tempest from the lightest breeze, and split the earth with a gesture. You've disciplined yourself so much, you can walk across a desert without sweating a drop, and take a knife to the ribs without letting the pain show on your face. Kings hop when you say toad, and your very presence causes Queens to kneel down in awe. You are Aes Sedai. And yet you chose to lock yourself in the White Tower and pursue basic problems of logic that any half-educated Cairhienien scholar could have done just as easily? Well, whatever suits your bloody fancy, I suppose."
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