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Thread: [3.P] The Battle Scion (PEACH, WIP)

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    This looks amazing. A little too amazing to be honest, even for a tier 3 (or 2).

    The one thing that leaped to my mind while looking at it is saves. It gives good saves in all three, adds your cha bonus on top of that and if you pass a save you take no side/lessened effect. That seems OP to me. Perhaps spend those points of yours to activate Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken?

    Also it seems you regenerate those points very quickly. You get one per level plus cha bonus and get back one per BAB per round. This seems a little too awesome, maybe make it half BAB or even a dice roll like 1d4 for every 5 BAB?

    EDIT: Maybe turn some of those abilities you have into supernatural instead of extraordinary too, like Will travel, Shape the battlefield, Speed Demon, etc
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