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    Default Re: Bridle Shores High: The Haystack Club. Recruitment thread.

    Name: Blue Bubbles.

    Appearance: A young earth pony mare with a blue coat, a fluffy sky-blue mane and tail, pale blue eyes, and a wave cutie mark.

    Skills: Blue is an excellent swimmer, being very fast and mobile in water. She can stay underwater for longer than many other ponies.

    Biography: Blue is just another student.

    Personality: Blue is very energetic and excitable. She loves to explore and learn more about things. However, she has trouble staying calm and focused at times. In addition, she is very outgoing, and enjoys meeting new friends.

    Relationships: Blue is very sociable, and gets along well with most other ponies. Her closest friend is Lilac, even if other ponies sometimes wonder how they can stand each other. She also likes Knack Tinker a lot.

    Position: Freshpony.
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