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Thanks. I've been trying to think of how to include utility abilities, and my first idea was to allow the Scion to gain a new ability every four levels or so that was solely meant for out-of-combat use, so as to avoid infringing on the Battle Arts. However, I'm still not certain what abilities they should have. Any ideas?
I know you wanted to avoid more Battle Arts, but if you don't like them as Battle Arts, you can just change them to class features.

Speedy Craftsman: By spending 4 valor points, a Battle Scion can change the 8 hours of work needed to make a single craft check to 1 hour.

Designer's note
Based on the super fast fortress building the Romans can do in The Son of Neptune.

Legendary Smith: You can imbue an item with magical power. When you make a craft check to craft a weapon, suit of armor, or shield, you can spend 4 valor points to be treated as having the Craft Arms and Armor feat. You can spend more valor points to be treated as having a spell for the purposes of crafting prerequisites, for any number of spells you wish. The number of valor points you spend per spell is equal to the spell's level. You must have at least 8 levels of battle scion to select this battle art.