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You know, I've noticed all the recently failed Sci-Fi FFRP attempts have gotten darker, and edgier, and darker, and grimmer, and realisticer, and edgy, and dark. Maybe we need some butter-soft, Crystal Spires and Togas Space Opera going on? I dunno; I just saw this pic and was inspired. Maybe if we got every cheesy, Space Is An Ocean, Golden Age of Exploration, Officer And A Gentleman, and other related tropes and just mashed them together, something might take off? Just a thought.

Other idea that's been burning in my skull since I picked up the series again recently: Wheel of Time ITP! Mostly so I because I need somewhere to put my Red Ajah sister and my Whitecloak so they can point and laugh at everyone else.
I mean:
"Pffffft. You picked Blue!? BAHAHAHAHA! Loser!"
*casually gentles a nearby Gary Stu male channeller*
*kicks a nearby man because he is a man*
"I hate all Aes Sedai witches, and like drawing the Dragon's Fang on the doors of harmless fools and village healers, inciting riots against lawful rulers because they won't let me ruthlessly persecute their innocent subjects, and long walks on the beach! Also, you looked me in the face, therefore I will hang you as a Darkfriend! Go Light!"
What could go wrong?

*Character quotations may or may not be slightly caricaturized from source material.

I tried making a WoTitP a while back. As I recall, onset my hopes too high and Horngeek was the only one who showed any interest at all.