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Heh. Funny story. One of my friend's parents thought that me and said friend should date, because her mom thought I was really nice and stuff. So, I started calling her my "arrainged wifey" and then complaining to my friends when arrainged wifey wouldn't play with me. Not that kind of play. More the kind of play where they keep me from annoying them because I'm bored. The other kind of play is... bad for me, at this age.

Oh. Whoops. Too late! See, that's the kind of request you make before you say something as awesome as that.

Loving the whole nuzlocke so far. Scep is.... scary? I think that's the word I want to use, but, something about it is cute. Anyway, keep up the good work! (I finished the Emerald Nuzlocke too. I loved it. Nothing else to say but thanks for the fond memories. And the nightmares.)
The more I spread the more nightmare fuel is left

What I mean is using the equivlent of Aphrodite on arrainged wifey.

I'm suprised that more people aren't finding Pestilence scary. He prefers food that can scream and has psychic powers.

Who was your favorite character of can we all survive?