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    Quote Originally Posted by Jade Dragon View Post
    You ever heard of the tier system or Tome of Battle? The higher the number of the tier, the worse a class is. Fighter is tier 5, barbarian is tier 4, monk is tier 5 according to JaronK, but tier 6 according to the majority. Tome of Battle classes, on the other hand, are tier 3. This class is made to be tier 3.

    This is made to be one of the answers to "casters dominate high level play, mid level play, and while we're at it, let's throw in Grease and Sleep so they dominate low level play".
    If you look at my post I actually say it seems Tier 2 (as in, more powerful than tier 3). I only meant that this class is not Tier 3; Tier 3 doesn't automatically obliterate every other melee class, regardless of build. Tier 2 and tier 1 are not reserved for only casters (even if it usually feels that way). A noncasting class that can stand next to any caster whatsoever, regardless of what they cast, is more than a Tier 3.

    Obviously you feel casters are broken. That's ok, everyone is entitled to their opinion. (In the hands of a skilled player they are generally the most powerful, imho)

    Making a melee that can go toe to toe with every other melee and beat all of them at what they are supposed to do best is not the equivalent of making a higher tier class, at least in my opinion. I thought the tier system was very subjective, and at some level required anyone using it to impose the class through various scenarios to make a judgement of where it belongs.

    This class feels like a Tier 2, because it doesn't matter who holds the character sheet, nor what choices they made. This class will play itself; give it a basic weapon and any rp newbie should be able to stand up to most things unafraid. I don't know about you, but regardless of what tier my class is in (and I generally favor wizard) there is no moment where I feel 100% unafraid. I dread going to sleep until I am high enough level to summon my own place, and even then I usually have a ring of sustenance so I can be alert to any dangers.

    I don't see this class feeling the need for much beyond maybe endurance and a chained weapon so he can't be disarmed. Assuming he isn't unarmed.

    A few noncombat abilities truly are necessary, and they should probably use Valor Points if you refuse to change the amount of valor points or their regeneration. Valor is something we all use when we do things we normally don't cope with. Combat is the most common example, but not the only one. Perhaps a bonus to diplomacy or intimidate (although intimidate is already heading back to combat).

    Extraordinary abilities that are supposed to be Spell like or Supernatural should stay so, otherwise you have truly powerful abilities that do not interact correctly, such as a Battle Scion in full power wailing at a caster who has an antimagic field up, unable to do anything at all. If that is an arcane caster, you have a guy in some flannels getting raped by a dude who looks like he stepped out of an anime in full battle regalia, 5 feet taller than everyone else.
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