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    Quote Originally Posted by Illven View Post
    The more I spread the more nightmare fuel is left

    What I mean is using the equivlent of Aphrodite on arrainged wifey.

    I'm suprised that more people aren't finding Pestilence scary. He prefers food that can scream and has psychic powers.

    Who was your favorite character of can we all survive?
    That is an incredibly difficult question to answer. Give me a moment, I'll think of it... Out of the main cast (Memetic, Azaroth, Teddy, all them) I'd have to say Igor. I think he's part of the main team. I can relate to him. Hint: People saying "You have low self-esteem," doesn't make it better. But out of all of the characters, I'd pick... Mallie. I love science, when it's more hands-on and experimentation, so her goal caused her to stand out for me. Plus, I have a dog named Mallie. Yet, the award for most hilarious nightmare fuel goes to Tiny. "Why is this great ball covered in saliva and... Various other fluids. Hilarious! Lilypad was cool too. Ugh, don't make me choose! Too many choices! They're all so awesome...

    Edit: Also, Pestilence is scary. And horrible. But Tony and StrongIron were far worse. In a good way! They were great! But let's not spark another debate about eating StrongIron's babies between Koda and you...
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    Haley will release the snarl, and it will bring candy upon the world!
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